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Transplant games


I would just like to say I've been to the transplant games in Birmingham and had such an amazing time as a volunteer. If you've had a transplant or waiting I can't recommend it enough. Over 720 people took part after receiving a transplant.

Just wanted to shout out about it as it doesn't get enough publicity.

Here's me and Ron who has had a heart transplant 8 years ago.

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The transplant Olympics are great as I participated in them when I was 15/16 years old but the problem is that if you do not have the money to fly out there and to pay for you hotel stay you cannot go. And with us transplant people having to pay for other things such as our medicine it does not leave a lot of extra money to spend on extra things like the transplant games. My state South Carolina does not fund for any one to go.

This wasn't the world games it was the British ones but I do understand what you mean. I volunteered and paid for everything my self but glad I did it and worth he money I don't have a lot of spare income if any but glad I found the money as it was humbling to see people.

I'm waiting for a transplant and look forward to the day I can take part. Will definitely volunteering again

That is brilliant Charlene. Well done for volunteering. It is really encouraging to hear about all these people not only alive and well through the miracle of transplant but also being active and able to compete in these games. Fantastic. Great photo of you and Ron.

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