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Second transplant


I am 34 and about 3 years ago received my second kidney Transplant. My first when I was 20. I have yet to meet anyone with a kidney transplant let alone 2 and at my age. It’s hard to find friends to relate to what I go through on a day to day let alone when I get sick. Just wondering if anyone deals with fatigue still after their transplant and stomach pain that the doctors can’t explain?

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Здравствуйте! Я из России, и через 3,5 года после трансплантации почки. Я был слишком устал после операции. Врачи сказали мне, что это из-за таблеток. И мой желудок тоже болел, но, как оказалось, это была печень, а не желудок. Меня заменили иммунодепрессией, и все нормализовалось. Извините, если я напишу Yoda, как я надеюсь понять.

Oh universal you sound like your going through a lot at such a young age. I'm 38 and waiting for my first one.

I've spoken to people that are 23years old and waiting for a we one transplant.

Why won't the doctors explain the pain, could it be stones or scarring.

If you ever want to chat then just message me as happy to chat. Although we are different ages I get how people look at you and think you look out so why are you moaning your tired.

Take care and here if you need to chat

Charlene xx

Hi Universal,

I am 33 also working on getting my second transplant. I had my first one when I was 14 and I have a facebook page called "#AKidneyforKristen" if you want to follow my journey on looking for a second transplant. This transplant is currently working at 10 percent and I about to be placed back on dialysis at any moment. If you ever want to chat just let me know. Take care

Universal...i feel for you. There is so much to deal with after a transplant. I had mine 29 years ago and it is still going good. But i have had issues with other health issues. First, im surprised your dr hasnt sent you for an ultrasound to be sure no stones etc. I do still have issues with pain because of all the muscle etc that they cut thru there is alot of scar tissue and i feel some of that muscle never comes back completely. I know if i do alot of walking i feel it all in that area even after 29 years. Not sure about stomach. It could be something totally unrelated but ur dr should still have it checked out. Please holler at me if you ever wanna talk or questions. Take care!!!

Hi Universalmatchs,

You sound like a strong and brave young lady. You’ve been through two life changing experiences. Know that what you are feeling as far as finding people who understand what you’re going through is difficult. Don’t give up, we are all here to help. As far as the stomach pain you still feel, keep telling your doctor so he/she can run some tests.

for me, pain is still there three years after second transplant.. i´ve been through every possible test.. and constant fatigue.. your friends will never understand that fatigue.. they will blame you for making excuses.. those are only small problems comparing to new life with kidney

I've been on this site for about two minutes, so I'm not entirely sure I'm doing this right. :) I'm not sure about what you're experiencing right now, but I want to give a shout out as another young person (38) now on my third kidney. Much more to the story of course - but I was diagnosed at 21, the third transplant was June of 2016 and all has been well. I'll be thinking of you. Happy to chat more if I can figure out how to work this thing.

Hi, I turned 40 this year on my first transplant (received 3 months ago.) Regarding the fatigue, I too feel tired quite a lot. I actually feel bad about it, as I haven't been back to work full time yet -- it makes me wonder if my family thinks I am milking this recovery process. But it helps to know others who experience the same thing -- so I know I'm not just making this up in my head.

I've been wanting to meet others in the same age range who have had a kidney transplant or have been on dialysis. It would be nice to know others who have "been there". Does anyone happen to know of a large conference or meeting where kidney patients can meet one another?


Good day Universal matches.

I'm 58 and on my 9th month.

Just a month ago I started to feel like really doing something.

So don't feel that you have to work maby your not ready yet.

It will take at least a year to totally recover from a kidney trans. Don't hurry it.

Keep in mind that every day you are recovering you will loose 3% of you mussel mass.

Take care with lifting things remember the (BLT) bending, lifting ,twisting.dont need a hernia.

Drink lots of water at least 64 oz a day.

Get on a really good diet system.

I stayed on my diet of no red meat,

Eat a lot of chicken and vegs.and WATER!!! Your kidney cleans every drop of blood you have every 5 min.

So don't make that little jewel work so hard.

You will feel great after a week or two stay on a good diet.

The fatigue will go away

Good luck God bless.

I had a lot of depression after my transplant. My husband didn’t understand. I went on some antidepressants and got more energy and feel much happier.


Hello, so sorry you had to go through 2 transplants. I have only had 1. It has been over 3 years, and I still have fatigue. I read that it is very common. I don't have stomach pain though. I hope you feel better. Maybe it is from the medication? I don't know. I hope you can find an answer to the stomach pain. Best wishes.

I too have stomach pain that cannot be explained. I am 14 months post transplant on my first and it is frustrating and very fatiguing. If you are in pain most of the time you will feel drained and down. Don’t let anyone dismiss what you are feeling there has to be an answer. It could be scar tissue which isn’t nice but you will get there sweetheart. Please keep me updated on how you are x

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