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I was diagnosed with IGA Nephropothy a lil over 2 years ago. I quickly was diagnosed as stage 5 ESRD. My options were dialysis or transplant. I was lucky enough to have 2 matches. One a very good friend and the other my brother. The first match (friend) had everything approved and surgery scheduled. Shortly after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and unable to continue with donation. Luckily my brother was far enough along and surgery was only delayed a weak. To all this thinking about living donation please know you are a true blessing. In my case 1 transplant was able to save 2 lives!

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So glad to hear you were able to get a transplant! You are very lucky to have both your brother and friend volunteer to be your donor. I am waiting and looking for a donor as well and my sister was not able to be my donor as she has heart problems.

Your friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer is in my prayers.


Sorry to hear that but stay positive! Even at my worst and lowest I tried to stay positive and do the best I could each day. As far as my friend they quickly had her start chemo and she was declared cancer free a few months ago! I am extremely blessed and I pray that you will receive the same blessing!

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