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Kidney Transplant
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Enlarged red blood cells

I am 18 years post transplant and am having issues with my red blood cells enlarging. Wonder if anyone else is having this problem? When blood work is done it's the MCV and MCH values. Since I don't drink alcohol, nephrologist says its due to the myfortic I have been taking. I am not anemic and preliminary blood results says that Vit B-12 and folic acid are normal. Dr thinks it has to do with my bone marrow. Will have to have more tests if it continues to rise.

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Yes. I have the same issue. Drs blaming the tacrolimus (prograf) and not the myfortic but another Dr is testing for some other things. Something about the kidney not getting enough oxygen? No tests yet so not very clear on this at this time.


Thanks for replying. I am having blood work done tomorrow to see if the MCV has increased or has stayed the same. My doctor is talking about the bone marrow and how it is producing the red blood cells as the problem. Will keep you posted as to what I find out. Take care Donald!


Yes, the blood cell production at the marrow level. Mine are blaming the meds but I understand that there can be other factors at play. We shall see. Good luck!


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