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dRTA (distal Renal Tubular Acidosis)

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Renal disease

Im looking to find information from ppl who have renal disfunction caused by che...

Kidney failure

Im stage four i think 17% function due to a neurophathic bladder urine been goin...

Treatment on stage 5 ckd

Just entered the fifth stage with g f r - 15 creatine - 3 and I'm very scared o...
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About diabetic

I am not diabetical, but my glucose Reading in the morning always high As 117 ...

Diet information

I feel the same with diet. has a lot of information. To start out. Sh...

Awaiting Kidney match

Can anyone tell me why matching a cadaver kidney takes hours but matching a Liv...

Niprothic syndrome

Good day everyone I am 27 years old female I have +3 protein on my urine and tha...

Stem cell

Anyone tried stem cell therapy for kidney disease

Foamy urine

I need advice, my urine started foamy since 3 months ago that I could remember,I...

For Those Of You Who Have DRTA

What were your symptoms and how were you diagnosed?

Newly diagnosed

My doctor says I have this but said a nephrologist would have to figure out what...

New member

hi, I am a mom of a 26 yo who has dRTA-a little scared for his future but hoping...


Two of my children have rta.

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