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Age 62 CKD stage 5 egfr 5 and Creatinine 10.32. Not on dialysis yet


Hello all,

My father's age is 62 years. He has been diagnosed with ckd 3 since 3 years and now he is on ESRD (End stage renal disease) with an EGFR of 5 mL/min and creatinine is 10.32 mg/dL.

Our nephrologist has yet not said anything about dialysis.

Should dialysis be started not because egfr is very low?

My father does not have any other problem like hypertension or diabetes. But he is getting very weak now and feels lots of fatigue.

Please give suggestions

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My renal function is 4.5 and everyone's numbers to start dialysis are very different. Not only do they look at creatinine, urea, phosphate and sodium all play a big part. It's not all about the numbers it's about how your dad is feeling too.

Has your dad decided on PD or HD and has he had the surgery to prepare for which ever he has decided on.

Do you know what your dad's HB and ferritin is? My ferrtitn dropped quite a lot when I got to 10% and have iron infusions every 6 to 12 months and do weekly epo injections because of low HB.

It must be hard on you seeing your dad struggle. If your not happy abd your dads stuggling then you need to speak up. Unfortunately there is no set number to start dialysis I know this doesn't help but I just wanted to encourage you thst others can continue on his function or lower.

Thanks alot for your response. Yes am feeling very low. Its very difficult to see him like that and I dont have any idea what should I do.

No my dad hasnt decided anything yet about PD or HD. He doesnot have any idea about both of them. I need to decide that for him. And also he has not gone for any surgery yet. My dad is feeling very tired and lots of cramps in his legs.

His potassium is 6.4, with an HB of 10.6 and Urea serum is 240 mg/dL. He is taking epo injections twice a week. We are going to see doctor tomorrow. Am just afraid of dialysis for him.

Bunkin in reply to SilentEyez

Hi, my GFR is 8 and I’m not on dialysis yet. My potassium was just borderline high so doctor put me on a drink once a week that pulls potassium from your body. Haven’t tried it yet. Just got today! If you need the name so you can ask his doctor, let me know.cant remember it off hand. Prayers for you and your dad. God can do anything😀

Hidden in reply to Bunkin

What is the drink to pull potassium from your body?

Bunkin in reply to Hidden

Sodium polystyrene sulfonate powder

Bunkin in reply to Hidden

The potassium drink does wonders! My potassium is in range now!

SilentEyez in reply to Bunkin

:-( Thanks for your prayers. My dad in no more. He died because of sepsis. Please keep praying

Bunkin in reply to SilentEyez

Prayers for you and your family in this difficult time. God can ease your suffering and help you through ❤️

Are you on dialysis? When did you started dialysis and which type?


I didn't have a choice of PD or HD as I am very petite so couldn't hold the liquid require to clean the fluid used for PD so had my fistula fitted when my renal function was 10% June 2017. I think they may discuss this tomorrow with you. I'm sorry to pry but why can't your dad decide for himself as it's a very personal choice, and you mentioned he had no other health issues. I have opted to do HD at home so im going to be doing dialyis set up and needling myself but they like you to have a second person so my dad is learning as my back up in case my bp drops and he needs to help as it could cause fainting/fitting etc. We have had three lesson and it's gone really well. I start dialysis after Christmas. Well that's the plan and working her closely with my consultant as my function is only 4.5% I do struggle with fluid overload so on high dose of diuretics 240mg twice a day and fluid restriction of 550mls.

Your dad needs to reduce his potassium. Has he been given advise about this as it is in a lot of foods. Has your dad not got a dietican?

No he has no dietican right now. His eating routine is :

In early morning he drinks one glass of corn silk water with honey

Breakfast: one cup tea, 2 bread sli es, one egg white

After some time he also eat one boiled corn

Lunch: half chipatti and pottage (made up of turnips or cabbage or carrots or peas)

Then he have cammomile tea.

Dinner: one bowl of custard with apples or one bowl of porridge.

You need to speak to your consultant about seeing a renal dietican as don't want to offend but that diet isn't the best for a renal patient and could be a lot to do with why he is feeling so week. It's hard as he probably as poor appetite and everything tastes horrible or metallic. Unfortunately you have a hard job of getting him to eat. I know it's my parents biggest worry with me

Jessi1027 in reply to SilentEyez

Hello, sorry your dad is feeling so poorly. You both need to talk to his nephrologist right away, possibly start dialysis since potassium levels are high. High potassium levels are very dangerous for the heart. Dialysis will remove the access potassium in his blood stream. It will take some time to adjust to dialysis but in the long run he will feel better having the treatments. If your having problems with his nephrologist getting back to you or not corresponding like he/She should consider finding a new one. Best of luck to you.

Sorry about your Daddy I feel your pain, my dad is stage five and has been given two weeks to two months but every time I look at him I don’t see a man that looks like he’s got such little time left he’s 92 and has not been off for dialysis yet we’re waiting for more labs next week.

Oh sorry to hear that. May your dad get well soon and gets more time to spend with you peacefully. Why dr's have given time of two weeks? Cant you start dialysis? What are the labs values.

My dad's first heamodialysis is done today. He is feeling better now. We r waiting for his new labs for tomorrow. He is in hospital.

cs65NKF Ambassador

Actually, dialysis may make him feel better once he gets used to it. The tiredness, weakness, fatigue and cramps are all signs that his kidneys are failing and he should start dialysis. You need to speak to his nephrologist and make sure to tell him all the symptoms. There are even more symptoms he could have, but dialysis can help give him a better quality of life. Also, a renal dietitian can help with suggesting food, drinks and supplements he can have. His diet seems really low in protein, which can make him more tired. Good luck to both of you! We're here for you!

WYOAnneNKF Ambassador

Please know that we are not medical experts, but only speak from our own experience. These are questions you should be asking your father's doctor. You need to be his advocate and speak up and get the answers!

KidneyCoachNKF Ambassador

I'm so sorry your father is feeling so ill and weak. His lab results are not great. His potassium is probably too high and his eGFR too low. If he is on Medicare already I believe his healthcare team must address dialysis by the time his creatinine is at 10. Please talk to his healthcare team and discuss his symptoms with them. Once he is on dialysis he will need to increase his protein intake as dialysis removes protein from the body. We are not medical professionals so in the end you and your dad must have an open conversation with his team to determine the best choice for him. Blessings

Prayers for you and your family.

You need to contact NKF for further assistance in your father's case as he needs a compassionate and caring doctor who sees the whole picture. He maybe candidate for kidney transplant.

Making the decision to start dialysis is very difficult! I finally started after a realization that I better treat this problem before it is too late! You don’t realize how lousy you feel with all those toxins running around in your body! Best wishes!

SilentEyez in reply to MPK0706

After dialysis my dad got sepsis :-( and he couldn't survive that

I’m so sorry for your loss. Imy thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

So sorry for your loss. Prayers and best wishes🙏🙏

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