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3 year old with stage 4 renal Failure

Hello I have a son that’s 3 years old that has stage 4 renal Failure. I was just wondering if there’s anyone else out there with babies that have renal Failure. If there’s any resources or support groups that could help me not be so worried and stressed out about things. Thank you.

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I did. My son was 5 months old when he went into ESRD, his kidneys were removed, he was put on PD, we did Hemodialysis while that healed & so on. If you want to chat I'll message you my email address. I know exactly what you're going thru! As far as help, talk to your social worker! I fired my first one, yes you can do that!! But honestly, that's what they're there to do-help you! This forum will help you too! Support, advice, whatever you need, these people are awesome!!


Hi @HelpingHeidar and @Wolfmom94 - we are getting ready to officially launch a Parents community for parents with children with CKD. It's just getting started, but please feel free to check it out and re-post your question there. Here's the link:

It should officially launch by the end of next week and you'll be able to connect with more parents like you!


Hi Kelli, that sounds wonderful! My son is all grown up now tho, I dont know how much help I could be to the new parents going thru this now! Medical issues have come such a long way in only 5 or so years, not to mention 20 years! But the feelings during it all still remain the same & I can definitely relate to all of that! I look forward to this new forum! I hope more parents speak up, I sure wish I had this forum @ the time! I didnt know it existed. But I do now & here I am. :) Anyway, my best wishes to your newest "baby" lol!! :)


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