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I'm new here


I'm an in center hemodialysis patient, I started in Feb. 2016. I was in dialysis briefly in 2007 also, with acute kidney failure, but sadly it looks like it's for good this time. My renal disease is sarcoidosis. I've been on the transplant list for about 2 months, and would love to hear from anyone with transplant related experience. I am interested in home hemodialysis (not offered at my center). I try to stay active and as positive as possible, and take every opportunity to educate myself about kidney disease and it's treatment. 0

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Hi Xalamander.

Please join our Transplant Community to receive feedback from transplant recipients.


Thanks, I will do that.

I got an ammonia two years ago so I'm back on dialysis

Hi! Sorry you had to go back on dialysis. An ammonia is a problem I'm not familiar with. If you don't mind my asking, what happened?

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