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Help to helpless

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My brother is suffering with ckd and brain hemorrhage parralysed and lost speech. He is diabetic and hypertension patient. Its all 8 Months please advice

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Hi and welcome to the community.Sorry to hear what you and especially your brother are going through.

Unfortunately, from what you have shared he has greater issues to deal with other than CKD. His physicians will treat him according to his medical priorities. Once they have each one in the path under control they will address his CKD. We aren't doctors and we can only offer support and advice. For your peace of mind when they look to his CKD they will place him on a kidney-friendly meal plan, develop an exercise regimen that he will be able to follow, and teach him to keep his other health conditions in control, when possible.

You have to trust his physicians at this point.

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Hi 96111028nk,

Welcome to a great community filled with caring, supportive people.

Mr._Kidney has given you some great advice and direction regarding your brother.

Unfortunately your brother's conditions jumped out on you after probably brewing and therefore will take time, good medical care, and other professionals to promote improvement.

I know that it is not easy, but it is a process which will move fast and slow.

It is important to select a good medical team who will listen to and communicate with both your brother and your family in basic terms so that you can support him in this journey.

These will be folks who will assess each issue in their specialty area and come up with a medical plan designed to meet your brother's needs.

It is important that they communicate with each other on a regular basis so that medications and progress are shared between the team as well as your family or his health care proxy.

They will probably include neurologists, nephrologists, his PCP, speech, physical, occupational therapists and social workers. If he was/ is hospitalized, that they have already been in.

I would get a notebook and take notes on any meetings which take place with the team members to track your brother's progress and directions. List questions there as well. Don't be shy about asking. The team is there to help and work with you.

It's not simple but stay positive and organized.

Please feel free to reach out and let us know how you are doing as well as your brother.

Be sure to take care of yourself.


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What exactly is advice you are seeking?Check out




All have great information and educational information.


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