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I have ckd. gfr 30%. Last week I developed Gout. Worst pain ever. I do not eat meat or drink alcohol. Is Gout caused by kidney disease? Kidneys not filtering out Uric acid? I am taking colchicine for five days. My gp said she had to reduce the dose due to my ckd.

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I've included information from the National Kidney Foundation on Gout and CKD. I've had Gout longer than I've had CKD. I started on a high dose of 300mg of Allopurinol. About three years ago it was reduced to a dose of 150 mg. I've also provided information for you on the foods to avoid that are high in uric acid. One important thing to remember from the article is that when it discusses foods that you can eat, take out the ones that are not good for your CKD. It eliminates a lot of food items but you'll be happy not to have the pain return. I hope this helps.



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Hi Harbour,I too have high uric acid levels due to Psoriatic Arthritis. the result is the same. Pain and no getting away from it pain. I too take allopurinol and have for about 7years now. Really helps. I also watch what I eat.

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I also have high uric acid, but not diagnosed as gout, and allopurinol prescribed for me and it works fine. I also watch my diet

Word of advice on allopurinol from my experience. I battled multiple episodes of gout from 2006-2008 until a referral to a rheumatologist in 2008. She started a low dose of allopurinol with a prophylactic (can’t remember exactly if it was colchicine or low dose steroid or both) but that worked wonders for me. The issue with gout is that any fluctuation with uric acid can cause a painful flair. Therefore, if you are prescribed allopurinol while in a gout attack it will lower the uric acid which can in turn cause another flair and so on. That is what happened to me and I had gout so bad for multiple years I had topi in the elbows, knees, ankles, fingers and toes. After about 4 months I was up to the 300mg of allopurinol and no more prophylactics and haven’t had a gout outbreak since 2009! Just always remember the meds that can prevent gout can also cause a flair or 3 and make you want to quit taking the meds. Therefore find a doctor willing to do the allopurinol and prophylactic to avails several painful flairs. Good luck to you in your quest to be gout free!

Hi, I was in such pain with gout, always walking with some kind of limp then allupurinol was prescribed and changed it all! Only had about 2 or 3 small flares since and took colchicine to deal and it's been over 10 years. Allupurinol is a game changer as far as I'm concerned. Hope you get the same pain free experience I've had, since taking it. 😁

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Controlling the acidity in your system is key. I began having multiple issues with kidney stones, uric acid based when pregnant with my 4th child. Had to try to change acidity and make it more alkaline. Hubby also has psoriatic arthritis and ended up with a teeny weeny stone. I had to call an ambulance-- first time ever. He had new appreciation for all the stones I'd had.Sodium bicarbonate tablets were my only option when pregnant and always been my best choice a good option for many.


I use to get gout in my ankles..started adding a lemon to my water...reduced my uric acid and get that pain very seldom now

I use Tart Cherry suppliments and drink the unsweetened juice in my water....seems to help with uric acid. It's just not the food your kidneys have a hard time filtering uric acid. It's in fish too. So far no drugs I have had 2 bad flare ups and was given steroids. Good luck of course check with your Dr.

Kidney disease prevents us from properly processing toxins. Gout is one side result.

Allupurinol is for maintenance. For flare up, my Nephrologist recommended max of 8 colchicine tabs in 1.5 days.

- 2 tabs every 6 hours, or until you start having diarrhea.

- if no diarrhea yet 1 tab every 4 hours (max of 2)

The diarrhea is to expel the toxins from the source of the pain. The toxins stays in between joints, that is why it is painful.

1-2 days and pain is gone. Works for me. Good luck. Take care.

Hi, harbourporpoise. I have CKD and had two full on Gout attacks in my life. The first one came BEFORE I knew I had CKD and went to a Chinese buffet two days in a row and each day literally ate pounds of beef. A while thereafter I found out I had CKD and went on a plant based diet as outlined in Lee Hull's "Stopping Kidney Disease" which you should check out on Amazon.

So how did I get a second Gout attack when I gave up all meats, poultry, fish, etc.??

We bought huge jars of Jelly Bellies at Costco and I was eating those like candy. Several large handfuls per day for a bunch of days in a row. I got the second Gout attack right after. I Googled triggers for Gout and found out that high fructose corn syrup is a major trigger. Jelly Bellies are sweetened by high fructose corn syrup. I now don't eat anything with high fructose corn syrup or just corn syrup in it. Also, soft drinks and most candies are now sweetened by high fructose corn syrup because it's much cheaper than real sugar.

I haven't had a flare up or attack since then.

Also, make sure to drink tons of water per day.

I’ve been dealing with a gout in my left food for the past couple of months and have been on short term disability. My GFR is 35. My rheumatologist increased my allopurinol to 200 mg a day. I’ve been following Lee Hull’s book and have been a vegan since March of this year. I’m starting to see great improvements in my health overall. I’ve been drinking lots of water and have been abstaining from eating candy/sweets and processed foods. 95% of my meals are home-made. I vowed to never drink alcohol again as well. The gout is pretty much all gone now but my foot still hurts when I walk on it. It seems that there is lingering trauma in the joints. I’m leaving my high-paying job in Boston soon because the stress and commute are not worth it for me.

I’ve had gout attacks in the past and my Nephrologist prescribed Allopurinol. Works very well, no attacks since. Can’t begin during an attack.

I've been taking a generic for Uloric since alopurinol stopped working for me. I was in agony for several months. I'd have to take prednisone for gout flare, have relief for 2 weeks and then gout again. My nephrologist said colchicine would be bad for my already compromised kidneys. I can sympathize with your plight. The pain is horrible and the cure from colchicine awful. My worst attack was my first. I didn't know which foods had purines. It was Thanksgiving (I'm in the US). I made turkey, stuffing with mushrooms, asparagus, turkey gravy. I made turkey soup with the carcass. Any who know the gout diet, will know what that menu will do to you. I have not had a serious attack in several years. I'm wishing the same for you.

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