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Drop in eGFR

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Hi, I just did my blood work. Urea is 7.2 (normal is 2.2-7); Creatinine is 67 (normal is 50-100); eGFR is 95 (greater than 90 is normal). My family doctor wants me to do another test in 6 months because my eGFR was 109 last year (Creatinine was 56), and 108 (Creatinine was 58) about 2 years ago. So when the drop is 14 points, there is a concern? I am 46 years old female, and I am worried about this number. My blood pressure is good and no diabetes. Does anyone know what this number means? My family doctor explained that it might be dehydration, but still I am worried.

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Actually, you seem to have knowledgeable physicians working for you. Wait until the next set of labs and stay hydrated with water, don't do any excessive exercise in the two-three days prior to the labs and wait for the results. Since you don't have the two major causes of CKD, diabetes and hypertension, you may be just that, dehydrated. Stay hydrated all the time, not just prior to labs. If the next labs leave you confused, speak to your doctors and ask about other diagnostic tests to see if there are any other reasons for the drop in GFR. Overall, until you get a definitive answer, relax and go about your daily life. Let us know how it turns out.

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Thanks! I didn't know that exercise has an impact on the eGFR number. I have started doing Zumba for 30 minutes a day about 2 weeks before my blood test. So, not sure if that is related. And I remember on the day of blood test, I was asked to give urine sample after blood withdrawal, but I was not able to, until I went back to my car and drank a whole bottle of water, and went back after 45 minutes later. Maybe I was dehydrated, and hopefully that was the cause! Thanks for replying!

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Mr_Kidney in reply to CF090

Excessive exercise can cause other numbers to increase. My advice was for you to keep to your normal routine and stay hydrated. You don't want to do anything to give a false reading. The doctor suspects dehydration, so stay hydrated.

Best of luck.

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orangecity41NKF Ambassador

Here is a link to information on eGFR. Good your Doctor is being proactive.


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My eGrf is 60 and my creatine raised and my gp has no concerns and thinks it’s normal. Me on the other hand think it’s not right. You are very lucky your gp is keeping an eye on your levels. 😀

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CF090 in reply to LMor

Yes true. if your doctor has no concern, I guess you don’t need to worry !

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lowraind in reply to CF090

Not entirely true. Sometimes, some doctors are not as well informed in particular areas as others are. Sometimes, some doctors stick with outdated information. Much depends on LMor 's age, other conditions, etc. LMor could benefit from a 2nd opinion.

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LMor in reply to lowraind

Thank you lowraind. I don’t think it’s ok but doctors do. I have a duplex kidney (only found out when I developed a stone). I also have an 8cm cyst on my other kidney (it is a simple cyst with separations). I had ct scan and they say they won’t touch it as it’s not compressing my organs & again say it’s ok. It’s was growing every year and literally covers my kidney (but it’s perfectly ok!!! 😬 lol). On those grounds I got discharged.

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Hi CF,

Your feelings are very normal as any changes in labs can be worry some.

I agree with both Mr._ Kidney and Orange City. Your doctor sounds very much on top of things and proactive.

Egfr can fluctuate and many

things can influence your results; hydration is a big one, time of day sample was given, medications, new supplements, are you taking any NASID's such as Advil, Motrin or Aleve? Have you made any diet changes?

Most importantly your doctor is not dismissive of the changes and keeping an eye on things.

I know that it is mind boggling, but try not to stress out and worry as until your doctor gives you a reason to worry, it isn't so.

As Mr. _ Kidney mentioned, reach out to us again and let us know the verdict.

You are among friends.


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CF090 in reply to Bet117

Thank you !

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Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to CF090

No need! Reach out anytime! 😊

My sister had a big drop in her GFR (though it was still in the "normal" range) and her doctor was alarmed a bit. The next test showed that her GFR had gone back up to where it was before. Turned out my sister had been overdoing Pepsi a lot and that was the culprit. It sounds like your doctor is really on top of things and that is good.

Try not to worry too much. The odds are that your GFR can bounce right back with a good diet and proper hydration. Your doctor is right about keeping a watchful eye on you because if you do happen to have a problem, it can be caught in the early stages, which is ALWAYS better.

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CF090 in reply to Tuolumne

Thanks! I was thinking if Gluocosime and Bilberry Supplement made the GFR go down, becuase that was the only two supplement I have added. Yes, hopefully it will go back up, as I don‘t have blood pressure problem and diabetes, the chance of having kidney problem should be slim, I guess. Thanks again!

Am I right your Urea is little bit over the limit? If yes this is probably why your doctor want to keep you under control with another set. I'm not a doctor but with your level of GFR you can stay more than relaxed. Greetings

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CF090 in reply to Tolmezzo

Thanks, yes, my Urea is 7.2 while the normal should be 2.2-7, so it is slightly higher by 0.2.

But when the doctor says something like this, it truly made me scare that something is wrong. Thanks for everyone's support!

I would not stop exercises few days before, to see reality, if you are planning to exercise for next 10 to 20 years.

Better to face reality. eGfr of 70 and up is good. Dont worry.

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