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Mums EGFR dropping quickly

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Hi everyone, I wrote a couple of weeks ago to ask about my mums (83 years) CKD. Her annual test in September showed a drop of 8% to 41%. However we had another test yesterday (4 months later) and her kidney function has dropped to 34%.

We will be speaking to the GP tomorrow but I wondering if there is anything specifically I should be asking? I want to ask for a referral to our kidney specialist.

I would be grateful for any advice you could give.

update: my mum has now mentioned that her BP hasn't been so good recently. She is taking BP Meds but generally her BP is increasing. Would this affect kidney function maybe?

Thank you.

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Maybe best to ask her Doctor if BP and or medicine can effect her eGFR in her medical situation.

Hi! I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. I'm a caregiver to my husband who is now on dialysis. So I'm speaking to our situation only. As my husband's kidneys failed, his blood pressure increased. The progression can be slowed by changes and/or additions to the blood pressure meds in many cases. At one point, I believe my husband was on four blood pressure meds. Ultimately, his blood pressure soared to 250/120ish and he was hospitalized on an emergency basis. There, attempts to lower it failed, and the decision was made to introduce dialysis. Dialysis drained off the toxins and water that his kidneys could no longer do, and quickly reduced and stabilized his blood pressure. So dialysis saved his life and we're living reasonably well today. As I mentioned earlier, this may not be the same path that your mum's situation may take. I'm providing our experience so you can simply tuck our experience in the back of your mind in case a similar pattern evolves with you mum. I'd like to add that usually dialysis occurs around a gfr of 15 or lower. So this would be a great time to get a referral to a nephrologist for your mum if she doesn't see one now. A nephrologist likely will propose a regiment of medications and a diet that stabilizes your mom for a long time. While it's definitely not ideal, one can live without kidneys via dialysis. And that's a beautiful thing to remember. Wishing you and your mum a positive outcome!

From what I’m reading condition of kidneys does affect BP also being dehydrated can raise BP ( that’s what I’ve read)I also read that HDR carries with age 34 isn’t that bad , my sin has HDR if 18.

You definitely need to get her to a nephrologist , meanwhile keep her well hydrated & make sure she gets some protein & carbs. Maybe some water melon juice ( fresh) for electrolytes .

Hope this is useful , I know what you are going through.

I mean GFR

I am sorry to hear about your mother's problem. Yes, when we have kidney failure we have to watch our blood pressure. I was told by my consultants that high blood pressure does make our our kidneys decline in function. She should mention the blood pressure problem to her doctor so her meds can be adjusted.

Hoping this helps..

Best wishes,


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There are some BP meds that are not kidney friendly and could possibly effect her eGFR. Ask your GP. I know my own mother-in-law does not drink enough water through out the day. If your Mum is dehydrated, that can effect her creatinine and eGFR.

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