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Nexium related kidney disease

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Hello I’m new here. Just got diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease my doctors seem to think it’s from being on nexium for 20 years. The nephrologist said he’s not too concerned with my kidneys at this point but I am freaking out. He said stay away from too much salt and eat moderately with protein.

Have any of you had to give up nexium? It’s so hard but I actually went down from 40 mg to 20 mg a day. He said maybe try to take Prilosec or Zantac in place of it but they don’t work for me.

Any suggestion on how you quit nexium would be so helpful.

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I was on Nexium for years, and then Prilosec, for over 20 years also. I also took Zantac occasionally. I only take Prilosec as needed now. I believe my CKD diet and prescribed exercise has helped my acid reflux.. I am male age 78. Hope this is helpful to you.

I can't give medical advise, but I can advise you to research all of the drugs available. PPI's are all damaging to the kidneys. I take Pepcid bc I have stage 3 and it is safe for the kidneys. Ask your nephrologist if you can take Sodium Bicarb dissolved in water.

Hi melissa, my dad has stage 3, can this be reversed. What can we do to stop this from progressing. Any advise would be great

Hi! I am not a doctor, but I do have stage 3 also. My Nephrologist has told me kidney disease can not be reversed but can be maintained without further progression of the disease. I don't always agree with him, and I don't have a problem telling him. For example, my creatinine is now 1.13 that is just slightly above normal of 1.10 which would put me at stage 2 most likely. I continue to work at my diet, exercise, learning of how the kidneys work, medication limits so further damage is not done, manage stress etc. I will never give up trying or give up hope. In my opinion, the most important thing is to keep the body as healthy as possible with the least amount of stress to the kidneys, so they can heal and regenerate.

Hi. Thanks for your reply. No.. Ur not a doctor and neither am i, but ive learned over the years, sometimes fellow patients give the best advice and information. Our doctors really dont understand that inner fear as a patient you have. I have to explain things to my parents gently and in a way they understand, but not to frighten them. Dad has a blood pressure on this evening, so we will take it from there. Blood pressure control, diet and healthy lifestyle. Honestly that's all any urologist will advise. Again thank you, finally great to communicate with someone who understands.

You're welcome. Feel free to reach out if you need support. I have a FB page and a weekly support group for Chronic Illnesses. If you would like to join, let me know.

Yes. That wld be great. Thanks melissa.

Can you message me or can I just post the link? I am new here so not sure. But, it is HealthBuddyMelissa on FB and it is a page. I don't think there are any others by that name.

i think many doctors hold back information because they do not want to have an emotionally distraught or hysterical patient on their hands. i think it can be that simple.

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If a doctor is holding back information than they are not treating the patient correctly.

Today, patients have access to their lab results through patient portals. Printing out labs and checking off areas of concern before an appointment and discussing them with doctors is being

pro-active and important.

Knowing what is going on and putting together a treatment plan solves problems, ignoring them can make problems.

I don’t think doctors are holding back information .For sure they have NEVER studied nuitrition at Med school ! Only medicine.

If you don’t believe me go ahead and ask your doctor.

That’s why when you are short on iron they prescribe iron supplements , has any doctor suggested you cook using an iron clad frying pan ? You’d get lots of iron out of that.

Don’t forget also that being a doctor is a bussiness

Do you have a gastroenterologist? Perhaps together with your nephrologist they can work out what is best for you.

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orangecity41NKF Ambassador in reply to lowraind

Good point Lowraind. My Gastroenterologist and Primary Doctor communicated before she prescribed Prilosec only as needed now. Depends on one's conditions.

Prilosec is in the same family as nexium which is not kidney friendly. Why would she prescribe that for you?? My dr put me on Prevacid which is supposed to be kidney friendly.

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orangecity41NKF Ambassador in reply to Calvin18

Thanks. Will check with my gastro Doctor on Prevacid. Seldom take Prilosec anymore but occasional Tums.

Your gastric dr won’t always know I would check with your nephrologist.

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orangecity41NKF Ambassador in reply to Calvin18

Thanks for suggestion. I have hiatal hernia and acid reflux disease and communicate with my gastro Doctor about my CKD level 3 b, which Doctor take into consideration. The CKD diet has helped also.

My late husband used nexium for years it gave him osteoporosis. Once again drs don’t tell you about these things

I use sodium bicarbonate daily and Prilosec as needed. I’ve modified my diet as well. I have little difficulty. I’m in Stage v but am not yet on dialysis.


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Agree. One's other conditions dictate decisions by Doctors. In my case other conditions could worsen that could damage further.

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Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to orangecity41

Agreed. It is a tough decision which condition takes priority, but should be done. Moderate doses or seeking alternatives is key to the patient and the medical team. As we have agreed: " One size does not fit all."

I’m reading dr William li’s book Eat to beat desease . Very helpful . He has a few videos on U tube . Food for thought

Ask Dr about Dexilant...

Why are you on Nexium? Is it from a disease or is it physical such as a hiatal hernia? The way I understand it, Nexium combats excess acid to prevent reflux. I have the hernia so I combat the reflux by not eating 3 hours before going to bed, and elevating my torso a bit (my bed is adjustable). I also learned to keep my pH neutral (or a little on the alkali side) using sodium bicarbonate tablets twice a day and got an extra benefit: no more blood in my urine from my kidneys. I check my pH daily. No pharmaceuticals involved and my PCP okayed this before I did it as I have autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease with a GFR of 23. You might also cut out the red meats as those are sources of uric acid which messes with your kidneys, promotes gout and diverticulosis. Here in the US, we eat the wrong stuff ( love a good steak) then take drugs to combat the results. Go figure. Well, it keeps the doctors in business and who doesn't have a touch of hypochondria.

I take omeprazole 40 mg and have had no issues whatsoever

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Calvin18 in reply to Cazzy41

How long have you been on it? Overtime it does affect your kidneys. I use Prevacid now and it works pretty good. You may want to switch because what you are taking is a PPI and they are dangerous. Talk to your doctor 😊

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Cazzy41 in reply to Calvin18

I have been on them since I had a stomach reconstruction about 19 years x

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Calvin18 in reply to Cazzy41

Sorry to hear that. I have been on nexium for 20 years and just recently found out that I have stage 3 kidney disease and my nephrologist tells me it’s definitely from taking that.

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orangecity41NKF Ambassador in reply to Cazzy41

Everyone's conditions are different. It can be complicated with CKD.

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Calvin18 in reply to Cazzy41

If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get kidney disease?

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Cazzy41 in reply to Calvin18

I was found to have a right polycystic kidney when I was 19. As I was pregnant at the time the thoughts were it was a maternal polycystic issue. After my son was born prematurely weighing 2lb 13oz the started testing the function in this kidney. It was seven times larger than normal and was pushing up into my lung cavity. So as the function was only 2% and I was at risk of the kidney actually exploding internally the decision was to remove it. We all thought that would be it as you can live a normal healthy life with one. But nope 19 years later my left kidney was not playing well on its own and I ended up on dialysis. I had a transplant 21 months ago and the rest as they say is history x

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orangecity41NKF Ambassador

Thanks for sharing your kidney journey. We all arrived at this point differently.

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Bet117NKF Ambassador

Hi Calvin,

Welcome! Some great and knowledgeable folks on this site who are happy to support you.

There could be any number of reasons why Stage 3 found it's way to your body. No, it's not what anyone wants to hear, but at least it was caught. Unfortunately many people have undiagnosed kidney disease and has progressed and are faced with that any many complications.

Whether it be from the Nexium use or another set of factors, at least you have a baseline and hopefully a great medical team who communicates with both you and each other and slow or stop the progression of the disease.

Only you can stop taking the Nexium if that is what you and your team feel is best for your health and situation. Communicating how you are feeling without it and seeking alternatives to its use most importantly should be between you and your medical team first and foremost. Members of the community may share their stories, but each person is different with different overall lab results and needs.

If your medical team is not listening to you, answering your questions adequately and involving you in your treatment plan, you have the option to get another opinion/ find a doctor who will. This is very important.

As far as your diet, yes, kidney patients are recommended to eat a low sodium ( 1500-2000mg daily) low protein diet which is filled with healthy grains and fresh or fresh frozen vegetables such as cauliflower, onions, peppers, cabbage, string beans and even some egg plant. Fruits such as strawberries, apples , blueberries and cherries are encouraged.

Eliminate all processed foods and canned soups and vegetables as they are high in sodium. Red meats and cold cuts, bacon etc are discouraged in lieu of chicken, eggs and fish. Depending on your lab results you may be allowed beans and other plant based foods.

I would look into seeing if your doctor can refer you to a renal dietician or see the dietician in your local hospital to come up with an eating plan which best meets your personal needs and is also appealing. Potassium and phosphate should also be looked at as you may or may not require modifications. Labs will tell. has a good list of kidney friendly foods and a tracker. Take a look.

Just bear in mind that this is about you and what is best for your health needs, what may work for another may not work for you.

One step at a time. Speak to qualified medical personnel and get back to us, someone will always reach back.

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