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Stage 3a kidney pain - any advice please?

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Hello all

This year I have experienced an actual renal symptom. At least I want to ask you if it is. Pain, which doesn't last more than a few minutes, in my right flank - sort of at the top of one side of the buttocks, a little higher. I get this occasionally when I stand up after sitting down. Is that kidney pain do you think? Does it indicate I am getting worse? I know you don't diagnose, obviously, but you could describe kidney pain. I am GFR58. Thanks.

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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

Hi Trill,

You are correct: We do not diagnose here. Were you checked for kidney stones? It could be a muscle situation or a number of things including bowel. I would speak to your doctor. If you do not talk to your doctor, how can they help you?

Kidney pain is as individual as the person. So there is not a good answer to your question of describing "kidney pain".

Sorry, not much help. Please tell your doctor about your concern.

Im in stage 3b. I dont always feel pain but when i do, and I get bloodwork done during that time, my numbers are always down. Thats just my experience, but it might be a good time to see your dr and get your bloodwork done and check. When this happens, i usually stop excercising so much because i am very active and over do it at times, drink more water & make sure im following a solid kidney friendly diet and the pain subsides and my numbers go back up a bit. But everyones different and i mentioned all this because its what my dr tells me to do and sometimes its easy when im feeling good to go back to my old ways. So you might want to make sure your following a kidney safe diet and anything else your dr suggested for your condition until you can get in to see him/her.

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Hi Trill,

I agree with Bassetmommer. This could be a number of things or nothing and we are all different.

Your best bet is to give your doctor a call and let them check this; moreover they will be aware.

Let us know what is said and how you are feeling. We care.

Yes it is possible your kidneys or a muscle as well make sure you tell your doctor. Blessings!

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My nephrologist has always told me that the kidneys on there own do not cause pain. The only way that they can cause pain could mean a urinary tract infection, or there could be a blockage or a kidney stone. Flank pain can also mean a pulled muscle, etc. and not "kidney" pain at all. If this persists or if you start to run a temp., you definitely should be contacting your doctor to diagnose the problem.

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Trill in reply to WYOAnne

Lots of sensible replies. As this is not in any way agony or long lasting, I will keep an eye on it (I am a contortionist) until it is worrying enough to get investigated. You have to ration visits under the NHS these days! Thank you all.

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WYOAnneNKF Ambassador in reply to Trill

Sorry, many of us are in the US forget that things are different in Britain and in other countries. Best of luck to you.

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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador in reply to Trill

Jeepers Trill.... A Contortionist??? No wonder you might have back pain. Wow! Still, get it checked out.

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Trill in reply to Bassetmommer

It was a joke. Keeping an eye on my back.

I have had what you describe. It has happened perhaps an average of 10 times in the past year. I was diagnosed with stage III in December 2018. I am on procrit since 1 January 2019. I don’t know if the Procrit will help the crampy feeling but it has continued on the rare occasion that it occurs even since the first of this year. I don’t know if my reply will help, That what you describe and what I feel seems the same. I have also described it somewhat as a Charlie horse type condition. It has usually hit after extended periods of sitting and occurred as I went to stand up or changed position normally only lasting a few minutes. I have not asked the dr about it yet.

as kidney function declines muscles and tendons begin to weaken....and become alot easier to pull them and/or make them stiff and sore....ask your doctor still the best advice.....could be so many things

I’ve always had problems in that area plus sciatica pain. I did ask doctor. Don’t think they know as the only answer I got was “probably not from your kidneys primarily, but could be secondary” in other words he has no idea!

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