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I am New Here and Need Some Help

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Please forgive me if information i am asking for is already available or poorly stated. I am looking for direction on next steps after liver and kidney failure. Last month my urine was very dark and I had shortness of breath and was dizzy. I saw my doctor and blood and urine tests were done. I was told they indicated my liver and kidneys were failing. I went to my urologist and ultrasounds were done and no stones or tumors were found and my spleen was enlarged. I was told to go on a strict vegan diet of no animal protein and repeat the blood tests. I have stuck to the diet and had the blood work done and it is fine. I still have severe shortness of breath with the slightest effort and lightheadedness and my right flank aches most days. I do not have anemia per the hematologist. I had a stress echocardiogram and nothing was found and a CT scan was done with no findings other than the slightly enlarged spleen. First, I need some help on what to do or where to go to correct the shortness of breath and I feel the need to baseline my kidney damage as it appears the no animal protein diet has helped but my thoughts are, it is because I have reduced the load on them and will they hold or deteriorate with time. I appreciate any thoughts you may have.

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First, let me say that based on what information you have provided your first step would be to speak to a nephrologist. There are options available to you and they will be much more familiar with those options. Also, they can connect you with a Renal Dietitian and set you up with a kidney-friendly meal plan based on the norms of your last few blood and urine lab tests. You mentioned nothing about GFR or Serum Creatinine numbers and those would give you an excellent indication on exactly where you are and how close you may be to needing dialysis. Since you mentioned nothing about that, may we assume your doctor said nothing to you about that? A nephrologist will give you the details of where you are and what you can do to avoid dialysis as long as possible and the renal dietitian will help you design the best road to keep you on track for staying as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Thank you for your reply. Nothing was mentioned as you suspected. It was more like your are out of the woods now. No speculation as to cause and or prognosis. I will take your advice and schedule the appointments. When done, I will post an update.

So, you liver and kidneys returned to normal? That's great. Do they know what caused the problems in the first place? It would be good to get that figured out. It sounds like perhaps the doctors haven't yet gotten to the bottom of your issues. I've never heard of just switching to a vegan diet all of sudden curing liver/failure, but it's great if that's what worked for you.

If you have had blood in urine, that could mean High Blood Pressure. I'm guessing you've already been tested for that. Dark urine without blood is usually caused by dehydration and/or liver failure, which you said you had. Sometimes what you eat can cause dark urine. Also, you say you had an enlarged spleen and that can also be caused by an infection or cirrhosis of the liver.

I'm not a medical doctor but perhaps your condition was caused by an infection or some type of poisoning. I would ask the doctors about that.

There are several things which cause shortness of breath on exertion. One of them is anemia which you say you don't have. Another possible cause is fluid build up in the body, which can be helped with a diuretic drug, but only a medical doctor can prescribe that. Do you also have ankle swelling? Some people get shortness of breath just because of obesity and/or deconditioning (out of shape). Either way, you should probably see a doctor to get this properly diagnosed.

Thanks for the input. Blood pressure under control with meds and actually it drops too low around 80/55 but comes back to 110/80. They have no idea what caused everything. No water retention at the ankles. Ultrasound showed minor liver scarring (cirrhosis) but they did not feel it was the cause. CT scan showed it as a simple cyst on the liver. Blood work shows white and red cells OK. I still have dark urine but not with blood and I drink over 3 liters of water a day so I am not dehydrated. I am five foot 10 and 180 lbs so I am not obese. I used to be very active until all of this happened. I started at my Cardiologist, as I have a pacemaker and thought it was my heart, then to the Urologist, then back to the Cardiologist for a stress echocardiogram and then to a Hepatologist.

I also have the shortness of breath-I think it is high blood pressure and water in the lungs from kidney disease. I am having a very hard time getting shortness of breath under control--can' sleep, because of it . Kidney disease has giving me a lot of differnet physical problems--Wish there was a cure..Good luck

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Shortness of breath can be a symptom of kidney disease. Also, some blood pressure medications can cause it. I was on something for about a month and the smallest amount of exertion made me unable to breath well. Went off, and I was better. Dyspnea, shortness of breath is something you definitely want to talk about with your doctor.


Thank you for the input.

I agree with Mr. Kidney. You need to see a nephrologist to get a better idea of what is happening with your kidney. In the meantime, there are many posts under topics at the right of your screen, containing much wise advice. Once you have more particulars, come back to this sight for more specific advice.


Will do. Thanks.

Your in my prayers and I wish you the best. Lean protein and vegetarian diet I've been told are kidney friendly for the liver and kidneys. Depending on you lab levels, reduced (2grans or less per day) of potassium, phosphorus and sodium maybe something to look into and discuss with tour nephorologist.

Thank you. No caffeine, low salt, no animal protein was changed to allow fish after several weeks on the the diet and good blood work. I do not smoke and have been alcohol free for over three years since just before my pacemaker was implanted.

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