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Trulicity and Gabapentin


Has anyone ever taken these drugs? I am on trulicity to lower A1C and to help with weight. It really helps but does it hurt my kidneys? And the other I was told about but haven’t talked to dr. Yet about taking it. Wanted to check with u guys. It is for back pain. (At least my sister is taking it for that). Thought I would ask. Don’t want to take addictive meds or whatever they r

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Does your physician know that you have CKD? You can check out any of your medications for being counter-productive to any health issue including CKD by going to

Yes. She prescribed the Trilicity. I haven’t asked my pain dr. About the other but back pain is worse so thought I would talk to him about best action, however, u guys know more than my drs. do I think. Well, maybe not but u know what works for u and doesn’t so your opinion counts. Thanks!!

The doctors should know about more things like drug interactions but many of us here have experienced doctors who don't worry about CKD until the patient is at Stage 3 or later. If you know you have CKD and are at Stage 2 you can have lots of time to adjust your diet, exercise program, watch your labs and see what issues trend and check the meds you are taking for anything. One of the most important issues for you is to learn everything you can about CKD and how it and your other health issues impact your body. Knowledge is power and the more you learn and know the less stress you'll have and the better you'll be at being in charge of your health decisions.

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So well stated Mr K and find it to be very helpful in CKD journey.

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