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Is Trulicity ok to take?


I am insulin resistant and overweight. I weigh 186 at 5’3 “. It costs $300/mo. Is there anything else I can take to help? I can’t seem to loose this weight. Been exercising 30 minutes 3 to 4 times weekly and keeping record of what I eat on my fitness pal. I still eat a little sweets every day but do not go over my sugar or carb levels and eat veggies etc. what can I do about the trilicity? Thanks

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I was able to lose a lot of weight on a diet recommended to me by a Nutritionist. A year ago I was told I was at Stage 3 CKD and had to switch to a kidney-friendly diet. Since I did that I've lost about 10% more. That's not very good at all. However, there are folks here who will tell you that they have lost weight on a kidney-friendly diet. I haven't been so fortunate. I have upped my exercise routine but that has helped me retain my new weight but not helped with further weight loss. I have Type 2 Diabetes and no longer take medication for that. I have it under control with an A1c of 5.4, by diet and exercise.

Trulicity is not insulin. It helps your pancreas release insulin when you have too much blood sugar after eating. Have you cut all extra sugars from your diet completely and watch what natural sugars you get from fruits and other sources? Have you spoken to a Renal Dietitian about a kidney-friendly diet that will help you control your Diabetes as well as help your kidneys function better?

Yes all the above. Dietician is not helping really. She tells me what to watch for but have read all that and follow as said, the my fitness pal plan at 1400 calories a day per her recommendation. She told me that is needed at this time. I follow her advice but as said no luck losing weight in over 8 months. On kidney diet but still my question is should I be on Trilicity? Does it hurt kidneys?

I use to check on all of my recommendations from physicians before I fill a prescription. I usually also remind the doctor at the mention of needing a med that I have CKD. Even though my doctors know I have CKD it never hurts to remind them before they write the script. I even remind my nephrologist of having CKD when he goes into medications or dosages needed. He just gives me a strange look and I shrug it off. If I didn't have CKD I wouldn't be one of his patients.

If you have been taking Trulicity and still having blood sugar issues, why are you still taking it? If it hasn't helped so far, why does your physician think it still can? The manufacturers of Trulicity don't claim it will help with weight loss, but they do say it may help you lose a small amount. Since you say you are checking food labels for sugar content you have to find a physician who will help you find a more aggressive treatment plan. Best of luck.

Thanks and my blood sugar is now fine but am taking blood test next week with family dr. I guess since I am not loosing anymore weight the best thing to do is get off of it and keep my sugar in check and if not ok go from there. Thank u for your words of wisdom and God Bless!

Never stop your meds without physician knowledge. Before you stop the Trulicity speak to your and get their okay. Not all, but some meds, require you to wean yourself off and not go cold turkey.

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