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Kidney Disease
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Losartan CKD

Hi all,

I was put on Losartan when my right kidney was removed in 2014. I was taken off Losartan few weeks ago. The last week or 2, I started getting a jabbing pain in my right side. Only last a couple of seconds. I have not had any discomfort cause by my kidney removal up until now. I just get the jabbing in my side for a small time a few times a day. Thank You Buddygramma

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I hope you can get answers quickly.

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My right kidney was removed in 2016, a year after removal of my bladder/prostate because of cancer related to both (CIS - bladder and TCC - kidney). Buddy, what is Lorstan used for? At age 78, I now have a eGFR of 27-29. Feel fine. Just following a renal diet and exercising daily at the YMCA.


Hi Dixidude !

I, too, have CKD stage 3. Since kidney removal in 2014. I, too, feel great and I am 76 and I believe fairly healthy. I do have bouts of Afib as well. Still being checked for bladder cancer. My kidney doctor placed me on Losartan when I had kidney removed back in 2014. He said for blood pressure in kidney. Was just curious if anyone else had these symptoms when quitting Losartan. I do feel great and I am sure I am probably just over reacting. Thank You for your concern.


Since you are experiencing new symptoms you should definitely contact your doctor to let them know!


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