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Kidney Disease
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CT scan results

After ultrasound showing 6mm kidney stone I had a CT becausr still in severe pain. Kidney stone still not passed it is stuck in an awkward place and protocol is not to treat as it is less than 6mm. They have no idea how long it will take to pass but have upped my pain medication because they said it will be very painful. Eeek as if i'm not in enough pain from rising to about 4pm most days from rising about 8am for a few hours on other days. Absolutely exhausted. They wont laser it or give medicine to break it down because the CT measured it at 5.6mm...not the same as the ultrasound. Also they found scarring on both kidneys. I asked why and was told possibly because of previous uti. Ive only had those when i was pregnant with my first child in 1991. Im at my wits end to be honest. On top of that gp said where it is doesnt normally cause pain and its more than likely my spine problem which is being called possible scheurmanns disease is causing the severe pain. Im waiting for an appointment to see the musculoskeletal specialists and he thinks they will scan my spine again to look closer. So fatigued unable to type more. Also dont realky feel to have enough information. Is thete any natural ways as well as drinking lots of water to get rid of that damn stone and does having it and scarring mean I have kidney disease and a shortened life expectancy or am I worrying too much?

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