I'm new here...hello!

Just signed up! I'm hopeful I'll find information and support from other dialysis patients. I was diagnosed in 2015 with multiple myeloma, and within a few weeks I experienced kidney failure. My doctors were hopeful my dialysis might be temporary but two years later, I am still receiving treatment. I am interested in hearing the experience of other patients, particularly how each of you copes with life on dialysis. I often hear of patients who receive treatment just two days per week but at my center, that is not encouraged, or I guess, actually "allowed." One patient who does come just twice each week is considered "non-compliant"...meaning they prefer he be there three times but he refuses. Any information or thoughts by other members would be so appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Hello. I am not yet on dialysis but am at late stage 4 COD. I thought I would reach out and welcome you. This forum is great and I hope you find it as supportive and informative as I do.

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