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Kidney Disease
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Having major issues with selling in feet, calves going up almost past knee (mainly worse in left), today markers going on 3 weeks (week one just seemed the foot and ankle; week two seemed foot, ankle and going up calves to knee) now what is this week gonna show? Yes, I'm one to keep putting off (especially with all my other medical issues, and major trust issues), did leave a message with my urologist's nurse yesterday morning (seeing for when my bladder cancer was found in Jan. thought to call because of bladder cancer...some little blood in pee and lucky if I'm peeing 2-3 times a day now)....have always had some issues with swelling years ago, but then was put on massive low (under 500 mg of sodium) per day....so it can't be sodium (but have some results if anyone wants to see....................any advice would be appreciated....................please and thanks............(goes down some when I go to bed at night with feet on a pillow but then about 1/2 after waking they are swelling again -left one swells first and larger than right side)...........

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This may be something you've already talked about but it is similar to something I went through some time ago. Have you had pressure tests done on your legs? Specifically to check on the veins carrying blood. I had this problem in the past and it caused the type of symptoms you described and I had to have a vein ablation followed by a vein sclerotherapy and I'm fine now. No edema, no pain, no swelling, no cramps, nothing. Good luck.


Thanks yes went through mega tests...right now on water pill (just to see if helped--2 days taking it and helped some of the swelling---3-4 of 5 days it no longer is helping and the swelling looks and feels like it's coming back), but I've had to stop taking my blood pressure medicine (doctor feels this may be a serious unusual reaction to it) and put me on a different blood pressure medicine.....only peeing 1 or 2 times a day (and always drinking)...so I'm gonna give a few more days before I call the GP and Urologist back.....


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