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I'm new here

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Highland I'm Rose, I'm new to this topic.

I have been diagnosed with stage 3a disease about 2 yrs ago.

I am having intollerable itchiness in my arms and sometimes my legs and also swelling in my feet and legs with feeling sleepy all the time. Should I go back and get retested?


Hope you all are coping well. My thoughts go to all of you.

Take care


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That should read Hi not Highland. ... typo

Your blood test results may be able to explain the itchies. I would definitely inform your nephrologist about your complaints and see what he says. If your phosphorus is too high, you can fix that and it in turn will relieve the itchies. Don't hesitate to speak up. Why suffer if you don't have to.

cmaxwell78NKF Ambassador

Hi Rose! Welcome :) Are your extremities itchy when standing or pretty much any time? As your hands and legs swell, that does cause a feeling of itchiness, at least for me. Let us know what your care provider thinks and I hope you can get that resolved very quickly!

Rozieb in reply to cmaxwell78

Hi, I itch all the time but mostly on my arms. My legs swell.

I haven't got a nephrologist yet as the gp thinks I'm not bad enough yet to be referred for one.

cmaxwell78NKF Ambassador in reply to Rozieb

I was seeing a nephrologist the moment I told my GP that my rising blood pressure was probably due to my polycystic kidney disease. They got me set up with medication right away for the blood pressure and a referral. I was stage 3a as well then. It's totally up to you, but if you would like to see a kidney specialist and need a referral, ask, and expect your GP to give you one. If they aren't working with you and your needs, you can always see a different GP - one that will honor your request.


I've been in late Stage 3 for 4 years. My doctor recommended 800 mg of Magnesium Oxide every day. Since taking this, my aching muscles and nerve pain has gone away. My skin isn't as itchy either. I use Cetaphil lotion after showing and apply liberally to my skin. That helps too. Good luck.

I'm going to put an appointment with my gp if I can get in this week. I'm going to ask for a nephrologist referral. I'm not holding my breath though. I'm in the UK and they don't refer very quick usually.

Thank you all for your advice.

It sounds like you're retaining fluid. I had that problem for a bit and my nephrologist put me on water pills. It helps a lot. I still have some bad rash spots on my legs from the itching though. It was pretty awful, so, I know what you're going through.

I was just rereading your replies to me. The network here is do encouraging.

I hope you all are coping well and keeping your chin up. Thinking of you all.

For it itching I use generic allergy relief 25mg 100 tabs at walmart there brand equate it works great !!! And the doctors said it won't hurt your kidney and the price is right

I use generic allergy relief from Wal-Mart there brand equate 25mg 100 tabs and the doctor said it won"t hurt your kidney and the price is cheap!!! It comes in a double pack too.I"m at stage 3 chronic kidney disease also had it for a few years now,I"m 65 soon to be 66 also drink lots of water that seems to help too let me know if you tried the pills they were a life saver for me! !I"m not on dialysis either.the Nephrology said to drink at least 64 fluide oz of water a day no aspirin not even baby aspirin!!! I can"t have bananas to much potassium, I"m not a diabetic either.My itching was terrible!! Drink water only no flavored water!!

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I'very started to take an asda allergy tablet and I've you to thank that my itchiness hasn't gone but is very much easier. Thank you so much. I can sleep better now too.

I hope you are getting relief yourself.

Keep your chin up and keep smiling 😊

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