Joining the Conversation

Joining the Conversation

Hi all! This is Dan Garver in Virginia. I learned that I had kidney disease in 1990 and started on peritoneal dialysis in 2005. I received a kidney from a deceased donor in 2009. Unfortunately, my transplanted kidney appears to be failing. My latest eGFR was 13. I have a fistula ready to go if I need to start hemodialysis. I am looking forward to joining the conversation on this website, sharing my experience, and learning about everyone's issues with kidney disease.

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  • Hi Dan!

    How long is the wait at your tx center? Are you also seeking a living kidney donor? Share what you're doing so we can learn from your experience. I am also happy to share some ideas with you. Let me know how I can help and we'll keep the conversation going!

  • Hello I am so glad I saw this site, no one in my family understands or will accet the seriousness of it. I know I will enjoy all of you

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