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It is unbelievable how much better I'm feeling! I've always been a bigger size for my height, and a stay at home mum of 2 I was eating 4 meals a day a packet of biscuits then large chocolate and fizzy drink binges in the evening!

My weight increased to 10stone 13 and I decided I'm no longer happy eating like this I constantly felt sluggish and disgusted with how much I was eating!

So 2weeks ago I reduced my meal size having 3 small meals a day with healthy snacks in between it was really difficult at first as I'm breast feeding I'm constantly hungry and if I don't eat every few hours I feel I'll but I'm getting there!

I'm exercising a few times a week and breast feeding burns 500 calories alone! I'm now down to 10 stone 7 already which I'm over the moon about but I'm even more delighted with how I feel so much more energy and proud of myself! Way to go until my target of 9 stone never thought I'd say it but I'm enjoying it so much!

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Hi Jennakjemma,

Actually, that's pretty much how I've found this journey too.

I thought it would be like some sort of medieval monastic penetential fast or some such, but actually it's been pretty straight forward, in fact even fun in places - and I now inhabit a very different, much better functioning body.

Should have done it years ago!

All I've really done is chucked out the junk, the fatty, the creamy, the fried and the sweet, got the portions down to human size instead of super-size and upped the exercise a bit.

And I feel great on it! I would never have believed, back in January, just how much difference it would make.

For sure, I've still got about 8 kgs to go, but I'm down to 88.3 kgs (this morning) from 106.1 kgs since January 11th.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Hi Doikosp,

Could I ask you what portion sizes you have when you have say rice, or pasta? What weight portion or do you measure using portion pots or some other system?




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