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Weekend Blowout - oops!

So much for writing a blog everyday...work took over by the end of the week! But it was weigh in day yesterday morning and I lost 3lb last week! Yay me! the weekend hasn't been terribly successful so far, but it's only your birthday once a year, so I tell myself that having a good week and a blow out on the weekend once in a while isn't a bad thing. Just as long as the slips are infrequent. Going out for lunch today with the family (and I doubt I'll choose salad) but then back on Operation Wedding Dress tomorrow morning.

To those who have read my earlier posts, I decided on the Hairy Bikers flapjacks...not sure I would recommend them! But some of the girls at work thought it was lovely!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone, and good luck next week!

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Well done on the weight loss. That's virtually quarter of a stone in a one week! Think you'd go mad and fall of he wagon big time if you didn't enjoy yourself every now and again.

Hope you've enjoyed the rest of your birthday weekend.

Ps I've fallen into the well I've been bad with one biscuit I amy as well indulge some more a few too many times this weekend!


I just tell myself I'm having a cheat day, and then I really enjoy it. It's when I don't plan to indulge that I give myself a talking to! Some days, like birthdays are meant to be fun.


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