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sickness & itching

well yesterday I hit a brick wall, mid afternoon the nausea took over to a whole new level and i wa singing huey in the bathroom at work. i felt rotten for the rest of the day to the point before i went to bed i ended up eating wholemeal toast and nutella, after a week of no bread at all and 6 weeks away from the nutella i felt hungry and needed something that would make me feel good, it was yummy and settled the tummy slightly when i went to bed though the stomach aches and pains were really bad and i was itchy from head to foot, i was getting shooting pains in some spots the itchiness was that bad, the question being is this a possible side effect from weight loss or is it more likely just a bug ? im sitting in work now feeling awful and with no inlination to eat or drink :(

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Hi geemal79,

Very unlikely to be linked to your weight loss, unless you have been either a) taking in much fewer calories than recommended, i.e. effectively been on a VLCD, or b) not been keeping the the rule of a balanced food input.

It could be a viral bug, e.g. norovirus, or perhaps some form of food poisoning episode, or some other medical issue.

Please do not write it off in your mind as "something to do with the weight loss" and, if your symptoms don't subside, get medical advice.

In the immediate, if you've had substantial vomiting episodes, I would recommend rehydration salts to get your electrolyte balance back into check. It probably will make no difference to the actual underlying problem - whatever that might be - but it'll probably make you feel better.

Hope you feel better soon.


Take some time off work, you're obviously ill. I'm sure if you weren't losing weight then you'd think there was something wrong and get to the docs, so don't let that stop you from getting there.


You've eaten too many raisins, that's a raisin allergy :D .......... only Joking of course!

You sound poorly, as bunclebeaz has said, get to the docs especially if it's not improving.

Get Well Soon.


cheers guys, im playing hide and seek today in work, hiding out in the toilets but im playing myself lol bf making a big pot of soup for me and will be ahving an early night


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