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End of week 2... Start of week 3

So its that time again, week 2 wasn't great but I know exactly where I went wrong! My weight is still 95kg and my hip measurement is 118cm so I've put on 2cm (1inch) this happened because I went out on friday night, went to krispy kreme on saturday and I haven't been exercising! So all my fault this week but back on track for week 3! How did you get on?

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I have found that an app on my phone 'My fitness pal' has been really helpful it lets me know exactly what I have eaten and drank during the day and I have even slipped in a krispy kreme or two :P good luck! x


Aww thanks ill check that out! :D


Great to hear that you are kicking this in again on week 3. Just got back from a jog along Bournemouth beach. Feeling great ! weather was a bit misty but no wind and a few hardy families making sandcastles. Keep up the good stuff.


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