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Easter chocolate

I ate the lot! I should not have bought that easter egg. I ate the whole thing yesterday evening and it made me feel ill. I know I have a problem, I just hate that I cannot stop myself. It's something I know is worse when I'm alone. If there's no one around I'll empty the cupboards, but when I have company I don't even think of doing it! I've been worrying that my dog has separation anxiety, but it's looking more and more like I'm the one suffering from it!

Ant's back today, though. Healthy eating is the name of the game today (and this weekend!!)

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Well at least you know where you went wrong, and you won't buy it next time.

We bought some Easter eggs last week. When we got in I immediately handed them over to be hidden. And until I saw your post I'd actually forgotten about them!

Maybe you could get a cardboard cut out to stand in the corner of the room so there's still someone there if you're alone.


Hi eechristmas,

You woz right!

You shouldn't have bought that Easter egg.

Just as I shouldn't ever go into a chip shop again. And I don't intend to.


The worst bit is that I totally knew better!! I was in the shop and buying an easter egg for my fiance, and they were a '2 for..' offer, and I thought, 'oh, I'll just have a little bit in the evenings as a treat.'

Nooooo, obviously that does not work. YET. I'm confident that I should be able to retrain myself to be able to leave things alone, but obviously not yet.


Hi eechristmas,

Now just be careful you don't let your ego get in the way of getting the outcome.

Maybe, or maybe not, you "should be able" but why put yourself into the situation?

For the time being, just steer yourself out of these situations, until your new ways are more established / embedded in you.

Changing habits does take time. So, give it some time.

It's better to get it right for the long term, than to get it fast.

To some degree, the reason I don't intend to go into a chip shop again is because I'm not really confident I trust myself to go into one and not buy (and then eat) something stupid. Just for old times sake you understand, or nostalgia, or some other nonsense monkey-mind "reason".

Oh well - you'll be a bit more wary the next time you and chocolate cross paths!



Do some BUNNY HOPS round the garden, an work off those calories.

See ive always had my worries that the Easter bunny wasn't as nice as he is portrayed

So next year watch out for that Pesky Wabbit


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