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Keep calm and carry on ;)

Weight stayed same this week so a bit disappointed. Achieved my exercise targets each day (namely 10,000) steps per day except for yesterday. Calorie counting was okay until I broke a tooth on Friday. Having to eat soft foods over the weekend was a mixed blessing. Porridge, soup and Slimfast were my staples however my lovely family treated me to trifle on Saturday and creamy rice pudding yesterday to 'cheer me up'. Add to this the Mother's Day cake ("1 little slice wont hurt you mum and I made it especially for you") . Consequently my calorie counts on Saturday and Sunday were around 2000. Not too bad but certainly not good. Saw dentist today, have a temporary repair which should hold until it can be repaired properly. Was this a blip? Was I a victim of circumstances? Or was it just one of those days we should all just get on and enjoy. Whatever! Time to move on. Week 4 beckons with the promise of further improving my joints and a potential weight loss :)

Good luck everyone

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Well done for holding steady - despite the challenges. I think I would have given in to and as you say sometimes life is to short not to grab the moment. As you say new week - so march fwd with resolve


I think there's always going to be occasions when you deserve a bit of a treat and Mother's Day is definately one of them! Sounds like you've had a challenging week but through the tooth pain and the homemade cake treat you didn't fall off the wagon completely so good on you and good luck for next week !


Thank you Toots and Suzy. After my initial disappointment I got to thinking and came to the conclusion that there are always going to be birthdays, Christmas and simillar and who wants to be the party pooper. Learning to be careful and not to over indulge is more important in my mind, because lets face it, unless we learn to permanently change our eating habits, as soon as the diet is over most people resume a 'normal' diet and the weight will pile back on (I have done this all my life and hope this time to change for good). There is no way anybody wants to permanently avoid Christmas, etc so if we can learn moderation rather than avoidance everyone is happy (especially the scales at the end of the week). I have decided to look upon my lack of weight 'gain' as a successful example of moderation over a celebration weekend (and stressful situation with my tooth). Good luck to everyone this week :)


My way of thinking, but much better put!

And if you ate 2000 cal each day at the weekend, well it is good as although you didnt stick to the diet limit, you ate the normal daily limit for maintenance and didn't go over.

Hope the tooth gets sorted properly for you and good luck for this week.


Thanks bumblebeaz. Good luck to u too :)


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