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Disappointment is inevitable!

300g gain this week, which has me at the same place I was 2 weeks ago today.

I upped my exercise last week, but it was mostly strength and yoga, with nearly all my cardio coming from the 3 hours of dancing I did at a wedding on Saturday night. I didn't drink, though, how proud am I?

I fainted, though, which was worrying. I'd not done that in nearly three years. The last time coincided with weight loss as well. I don't know if there's a connection there. They ruled out any serious problems and basically told me it was vasovagal syncope (or a simple faint brought on my certain triggers). This time when I felt the nausea, tunnel vision, and inability to speak I managed to sit down. I'd just put on my jacket and scarf to go, everyone was saying goodbye, and I just suddenly felt.. well, like I was abotu to die, to be entirely honest. Of course, then I stupidly decided I would be embarrassed if I fainted in the room with everyone else, so I went into the washroom and ended up sitting on the floor. I know I fainted because I remember opening my eyes and the lights had been switched off - it was the venue kicking everyone out! And so I dragged my gross sweaty self up off the floor (one of the unpleasant symptoms of the fainting is the profuse sweating) and found my friends dashing around looking for me. I was fine a few minutes later.

Anyways, back to the whole disappointment thing - I didn't overdo things this week with the calories, and I added in more activity than I'd done previously, but I gained back what little I had lost last week. It's not possible to have built up muscle in such a short space of time, and I know it's also unlikely that I've gained back 300 grams of fat. I know it's far more likely to be water gain or a mixture of all three perhaps. This is my way of talking myself out of the disappointment, even if my body fat % had gone up this morning slightly as well, it's still down from 2 weeks ago. Also, I am trying my best to focus on the small loss around my waist (1.5cm down in 2 weeks) and hips (1cm down in 2 weeks).

And so I'm now going to bite the bullet and do the first session of C25K after work. I will not wuss out. I will take the dog with me, and I will power on through.

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I used to faint quite often when I was younger, brought on by certain lighting/environmental conditions. I put it down to low blood pressure or possibly low blood sugar levels.

P.S. I've reduced my waist size by including a fair amount of moderate 'Abs exercises each day together with a Calorie reduction 'diet'. Quitting is not an option!


Nope, quitting is most definitely not the answer. Unfortunately, now I'm faced with norovirus I'm out of commission for a couple days. Though I can barely keep down food, so I doubt my lack of activity will really hurt me.


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