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The Results Are In

Went to the weigh in tonight and have managed to lose 1.5lb and that has given me my first stone weightloss after 7 weeks.

I was hoping for a little more as I have kept the points down and have been exercising 5/7 days, I did 6/7 last week so guess I need to increase the amount or intensity, which is tricky as I'm following a program to learn to run which means that I should be running on alternate days. I've been swimming on the alternate days and have been increasing the number of lengths I do at each session.

I'll have to have a look to see if there are any good classes, though my gym seems to be very spinning centric and I haven't really got much interest in spinning, though it seems to be very popular 3-4 classes per day in some cases. Guess I'll have to take a look and see if I can find something that suits.

Have the challenge of a weekend at the folks coming up so that'll be tough guess I'll need to knuckle down during the 4 days I have at home and try not to go too mad.

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Hi Beth5,

Well done!


Well done Beth5 thats great news keep up the good work


A stone! That's amazing! Keep up the good work!

And have you thought about zumba? If you can get through the first couple of classes just trying to keep up the routines become second nature and you really build up a sweat :)


Hi Vicky, I love Zumba but there's only one class at a sensible time in my gym and it clashes with my WW meeting :-( I used to teach salsa and thought about training as an instructor but the moved away from my salsa scene. I might just get some Zumba DVDs and have a boogie round the living room when I get home and at the weekend. I'll keep hunting around to see if I can find something to work with.


If you has lost a stone, that means you are actually into your second stone ... ?


you've lost a stone in 7 weeks, and that's amazing! It means you've had the maximum healthy weight loss per week on average, and you can't really hope for more than that.

You could look into local sports clubs, perhaps? My partner and I are looking at joining a local tennis club to get some lessons and learn some technique, and then we plan to play one another regularly. It'll be a great thing to do together and will keep us active.


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