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End of week 1

Weighed in at 13st 10 lbs so thats a loss in week 1 of 4lbs. And 2cm off my waist. Considering Pancake and Valentines days both could have derailed me, I am really pleased I managed to enjoy a treat on both days AND stay within daily calories. In fact my Valentine dessert was one of the lowest calorie but most enjoyable desserts I have ever had (meringue nest -49cal, fresh strawberries -30cal, pot of yogurt -80cal total 159cals).

Am extending week 1 to Monday to bring into line with diet sheet so my final week 1 loss may even be a little more).

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Hi TubbyTil,

When I started I really thought it was all going to be absolute hell, but once I'd settled into the new ways a bit, I found that it was quite easy eating less, and I found my tastes changed too.

I actually just don't need everything I eat to be sweet, fatty or creamy anymore.

Net result is I really enjoy foods that, at the start of the journey, I would not have found very appealing at all.

Well done and continued good luck with it.


Thank you, I too thought it was going to be a nightmare, though I must avoid fatty foods because of my cholesterol level and fatty liver, so I don't really have a choice there. Finding low fat alternatives was my biggest initial challenge. 2 weeks ago I would have had clotted cream instead of low fat yogurt with my meringue nest and fruit last night.

It's amazing the calorie difference between a piece of belly pork and a trimmed pork chop. Little changes = huge difference. Sugar is my big downfall though but even so I have found lower calorie treats like rice cakes and sugar free mints. I am not expecting to love my new diet overnight, but I don't hate it so that has to be a good start.


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