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First weigh-in tomorrow

I've been on the NHS diet for 5 days, just 79 to go! I'm in the habit of weighing myself on Saturday morning so I'm going to carry on doing that, really hope I'll find I've achieved something tomorrow. This website is not always user friendly. For instance I had to go to the How to Count Calories page in order to find recipes and when I printed one out it needed two sheets of paper although it could have easily fitted on one. But the dish, mushroom risotto, looks like it will be delicious.

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I want to weigh in but I can't I am waiting for a replacement scales. Good luck everyone I hope you are all losers.. x


Good luck, clewis. I've lost 2lbs so far, hope I will be able to manage 1-2 lbs every week.


Hi clewis, there are loads of sources of lower calorie recipes all around the web, but do be a bit selective.

One source that I know quite a few people have found helpful is the Hairy Dieters book and web pages It's another place you can sign up for free, but you do need a Facebook account.

Searching the BBC recipe pages will also produce some and, moreover, you can create your own quite easily by following various quite simple techniques which you will glean from looking at what those recipes do and don't contain. Remember, you can find the calorie content of almost anything (if it's not on the packet anyhow) by just using an ordinary search engine on the web with a query like "calories in cabbage".

Hugely important is to measure your ingredients accurately. And you can allow yourself some higher-calorie food, just in much smaller quantities. So you can use a little full fat strong cheese, for example, for its flavour, but it's got to be a very small amount, or the calories will start zooming up.

I've returned to chocolate over the last couple of weeks. I had a left over 40g bar of milk chocolate (about 220 kcal) and instead of woofing in straight down without a thought -like I would have done a few weeks ago - I've been grating tiny amounts of it onto fresh fruit like raspberries and blackberries topped with fat-free yoghurt and a tiny drop of runny honey. At the rate I'm using it it'll be months before it's gone!

Strangely, I notice the actual flavour of the chocolate a lot more than if I had just woofed the bar.


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