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How to cope when others are not on the same diet regime?

My boyfriend and I are both trying to get fit together and generally live a healthier lifestyle. However, he does not need to lose any weight, rather put some on, whilst I need to lose around 3 stone.

Does any body have any tips as to coping with this at mealtimes, given that we have different needs?

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How about if you ate the same food but in smaller portions? He could always bulk his plate with more veggies.

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Are you following the NHS Choices 12-week weight loss plan? It's quite flexible and can help you lose up to nearly 2 stone in 12 weeks.

Good luck!


Maybe you could work 'as a team' to plan better, less fatty, less calorific meals with perhaps some more usual options for him? E.g. fresh raspberries with low fat yogurt for you, whilst he has the same with cream over it instead.

My other half and I have dietary differences, for one thing, she had unsweetened soya milk in hot drinks and with cereals, whereas I use skimmed cows milk. So we quite often have our own variants on the same basic meal.


thanks guys

@Admin, yes I am following the 12 week plan, the thing I like about it is the tracker which means what I eat is there for all to see...

@Doiksop, thanks, if there's an option like that for something that is cheap we may try that, last night we had a curry and I made do with a much smaller portion than him that was within the calories I had left for the day.


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