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Week 1 done, week 2 starting

On the negative side, I did not manage to stick to my running schedule, but that was completely outwith my control; I got close though, 40 minutes short of goal and Sunday's long run would have put me in credit. Hopefully no more family crises for now.

Weight-wise I am pleased as I lost three pounds however waist size shows no change.


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Hi! Good going Mietjie. We lose weight in different ways and at different rates so initially you may not notice any difference around the waist. Are you using the food and activity chart?


Yes, I am using the chart and find it useful ticking of activity minutes etc., as well as the calories and so on. It would be nice if future charts have an area for glasses of water too?


Hi mietjie, well done on your weight loss, good luck for week 2.


Thanks Newpie, the support is very welcome.


Hi mietjie,

Waist size isn't only determined by the amount of body fat. If you've got pretty strong / well toned ab muscles, it's possible to 'carry the weight' better than if you have excess body weight AND weak ab mscles!

However, don't get despondant about missing a bit of exercise, just catch up when you can. I've just had four days where my weight has budged an iota, but luckily this morning it's started moving downwards again.

I was going to tell myself that in just two and a half weeks of upping the exercise I had converted all that fat to muscle (which is heavier than body fat). Look out Arnie, here I come.

But one look in a full length mirror - especially sideways on - tells me clearly that I haven't and that I just need to keep going on with what I'm doing.


I have been running for just under two years and initially the weight went up and as I was very strict with my diet at that point I am very sure it was because of muscle mass increase etc. As for missing the exercise I am a bit miffed with myself about that as I am on a 12 week training programme and knowing myself it is necessary to stick to the programme as missing days etc. really knocks the sequence of training days for a loop. I have a feeling this week is going to be patchy too mainly because of meetings with our accountant in the evening and other stuff that have popped up. I wish I could get up early enough to go running but it is not going to happen, I can barely get up and get to work in time!

Good luck with your weight-loss journey too, so pleasing when the weight comes off again.


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