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Binge Eating and Urge Surfing

MintTeaMascaraRestart Feb 2020

No surprise with me, but after a short while of staying pretty stable with a healthy eating pattern - the binging started again.

Like many others here, I'm completely unaware of (and unable to pinpoint) what exactly causes me to fall off the wagon.

I think CBT would be good for this sort of problem (at least for me) but I haven't been able to access it.

I accidentally came across a concept called 'Urge Surfing' or 'Surfing the Urge' that was introduced by a psychologist named Alan Marlatt.

Basically, instead of calling the urge 'bad' or fighting to ignore it or get past it etc... you instead accept it - "Yep, I'm really craving that chocolate right now, I reaally want it" and then you just ride with the craving until it dissipates.

So far I'm finding it really helpful and have found that it takes away that "I am bad" feeling from the binge cravings.

I'm hoping this is how I learn to overcome my binge eating problems and hope others can find some help or use in this too.

I'm going to link a couple of videos below.

I hope it helps


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Sewnknit3st 7lbs

I love TED talks!

Very interesting, I think I'll be using this over the weekend, - the snacking has got to stop,

Thank you.

MintTeaMascaraRestart Feb 2020
in reply to Sewnknit

You're welcome ☺️

I know me too.. So many gems of advice and wisdom to absorb.

Good luck with everything :)

MintTeaMascaraRestart Feb 2020
in reply to Sewnknit

Let me know if you try it and how you find it :)


This is similar to the approach taken by Gillian Riley, about facing the cravings/urges etc and making a CHOICE I reviewed her book here

And it’s filed under Useful Resources along with other helpful posts

MintTeaMascaraRestart Feb 2020
in reply to IndigoBlue61

I'm going to stick with trying this concept out so not to overwhelm myself.

But thank you and it sounds really interesting :)

Morning MTM - tnx for the link to the video, v interesting ( great speaker) I'm going to give this a try too - with my go to crackers, slices of corned beef (Yes.... I have a real craving for these) and my urge to immediately reply to msgs. My phone is almost surgically attached to me these days!

MintTeaMascaraRestart Feb 2020
in reply to dontdojogging

😊 Hiya.. Glad you're giving it a try.. It got me over a bad couple of days and things are on a bit more of an even keel now, so so-far so-good.

Have you given it a try yet? Let me know how you find it

Morning MTM - my worse times are in the eve when other half goes to bed early and I have free rein of the kitchen. Or when he used to go to his hobby club on a Tues eve. In former times that cd lead to 3 mini magnums biting the dust!!

I have snacked this week but not excessively so but I know there will be times when I will have to put into practice.

MintTeaMascaraRestart Feb 2020
in reply to dontdojogging

Hey :)

Sound like you're really getting a grip on things and doing well. I think treats are good within boundaries/allowances, so this urge surfing is a good way to not go all out on the snacks/desserts. I hope you manage to put it into practice when you really need it, in the long run we'll feel better for it :)

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