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Knuckles rapped (rightly)

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Being a bit over-enthusiastic on Monday and eating too few calories (blame it on the excellent NHS website for making me a calorie zealot) I've been given good advice on sensible calorie reduction. So Tuesday was better. After a Quorn curry for my evening meal I found I had about 300 calories left to my target of 1900. So I felt justified in going to the pub with my friends and having one pint of beer (230 calories) eked out over the evening. I normally would have three pints. I know its empty calories, but psychologically justified.

I've assembled a simple spreadsheet to keep track of calories and give me a running total as well as making me look at what I'm eating.

Thanks for the many replies I had to Monday's posting.

Onwards and upwards

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Good for you, for taking it as it was intended, vicreb, and going a bit easier on yourself :)

What did you think about the ideas from moreless and TheAwfulToad about trying a different approach which doesn't require you to count anything?


That's exactly how I used to play it when I started my last/final weightloss journey five years ago. Rather than expect myself to eliminate alcohol or chocolate completely ( i was 62 and old habits die hard) I continued to have a glass of wine a night or a small kitkat, counted in my calories.

As I lost weight I learned more about nutrition ( advice was changing rapidly back then) and now I eat more healthy fats and veg , almost no white goods, and I usually only drink a glass or two per week and can maintain my weight within 3-4 lbs since 2015.

As long as you eat enough healthy filling foods, you will find that sweet treats and beer will become less of a need and more of an occasional pleasure. Well done for upping your calories by the way. I did it the hard way and now wish I'd eaten more at the beginning.


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