It is hard to find a dry walk this time of year, today we did a lovely 4 mile walk by the river....it was really chilly but great views and not wet. I can already see an improvement in my stamina since I started walking last Saturday (after a long break due to weather and commitments)....not too far but a reasonable walk.


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12 Replies

  • Oh well done, Primrose! You are doing well! :)

  • Thank you so much x

  • I always look for areas with lots of trees and a good footpath.. that way if it rains I can get under the trees and not get too muddy on the pathway..

    Well done on your 4 miles.

  • Well done Primrose68.

  • I had a VERY muddy walk this afternoon. At one point, a young couple said they'd pull me out if I got stuck (the indignity!). I decided the best option was to walk straight ahead through the puddly bits as they were less likely to grab hold of my boots :)

  • It is hard work in the mud...2 years ago I had a tiny little slip whilst walking on the mud, strained my groin....over adjusted my posture and by the March I had torn my Miniscus and was on crutches...so very cautious but need to get out. I agree walking through the puddles is often better.

  • O I agree walking in the mud isn't fun but at least it takes more energy so maybe we use a few more calories I once filled my walking boots with mud on a very wet walk on Dartmoore that was fun almost up to the keens . hope you enjoyed your walk and good for you getting out and about ,

  • Awesome! And sounds like a lovely walk, I enjoy walking down by the river (feel lucky to live quite near). Do you get a lot of water birds?

  • Two herons yesterday ☺

  • Great on your walk and to walk by the river. Sounds heavenly!!!

  • walking the best free exercise going and it lifts your mood if your feeling down , I have been out to day walking as well in the lovely Devon countryside all I can say is keep it up .

  • Thank you. I have never been to Devon only through it but it looks beautiful. I live in Suffolk....plenty of Countryside and sea.

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