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Hi everyone ,

Happy new year to you all,

I have not been on here for a couple of years haven't put any weight on which is brilliant BUT hubby needs to loose weight , one VERY big problem is there is not a lot of food he likes see list below

Dislike . Fish rice pasta chick peas beans Chinese food , pulses .

Basically he is a meat potatoe and 2 veg man !!! Oh and a terrible bread lover who treats butter as cheese !!! Which is a nightmare for me . He is unable to do any exercise as he is quite poorly.

I was wondering would it not be a good idea on this site to see if we could put basic foods on hear with a daily allowance of 1400 calories I'm sure everyone will benefit from this . But I just do not know where to start .so all help would be greatly appreciated.

I still see a lot of old faces on here that used to be on here so I'm sure they will have a lot of suggestions canal-runner ?

I also work long hours so cooking long hours over the stove is very hard time wise for me .

If anyone could help I would love to hear from you all.

Good health and happinesss to you all for 2018 xx


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15 Replies

  • Hi Pamed Welcome back and well done on maintaining.

    Things have changed a little since you were last on, so please have a look at the information in the Newbie Club link - There is also a FAQ's link in the Newbie Club

    Would you be better doing the NHS BMI calculator to get your hubby's individual calorie allowance as that way he can still eat what he does like as long as it is in the calorie range

    Also does he want to lose weight? As if he is not on board you could be fighting a losing battle

    Wishing you all the best with getting your hubby to eat healthier and lose weight

    Wishing you a happy New year

  • Sorry to hear hubby not well, sure homecooking and loosing weight will help.

    I made a chicken and leek pie yesterday, i batch cook then freeze when i don't have time to cook work days. I cook alot of salmon, curries with cauliflour rice, turkey meatballs with courgette spaghetti, fish pie. Some of the things i like to eat, hope this is of help.

  • Does he like curries? I'm not the greatest fan of veg so often batch make them into curried side dishes which I'll then have with meat, potatoes, pasta etc...

  • Yes he likes curries and veg what a good idea but is the sauce fattening ? X

  • A lot of curry sauces can be just a combination of different spices, veg, tomatoes, onions, garlic... no substantive calories in that lot.

    Of course others can have butter and coconut milk but then as long as you portion things out accordingly, there's nothing to stop those being a part of a healthy living lifestyle :)

  • Thank you Tiggerr that's a great help I will have to look up how to make the sauce not the best of cooks but I will give it a try any ideas on lunch he is a bread man so always has sandwiches won't eat salads , he is a nightmare to say the least lolxx

  • You'll probably find a fair variety of curried veg recipes in the recipe sections under 'Topics'.

    My only way of dealing with bread and other carbs has been to cut down but I'm sure there are others here that may be able to come up with some ideas.

  • Thank you so much your very kind xx

  • Do you have a slow cooker? You can cook up some real yummy dishes enough for four or two nights on the trot. Even simple casseroles taste so delicious, or a rich bolognese (served with jacket potato) or cuts of meat cooked with veg that melt in the mouth 😋

    I use mine quite a bit as I find it’s so easy to just chuck everything in in the morning. I usually eat the same breakfast and lunch that totals roughly 500 calories so usually plenty left for tasty dinners.

  • Brilliant thank you so much for your help how do I work out how many calories are in the meat etc

    Any ideas on lunch he has decided to have poached egg on toast for breakfast and wants a sandwich for lunch but isn't that to much bread ? Any lunch ideas would be great such a fussy eater , oh he works outdoors so get hungry quick , ahh men heaven help me lol xx

  • Approximate portion sizes?

  • Hello and welcome back Pamed

    Try to not think of any foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ . . . It’s just a question of balance. 😊

    If you are unused to calorie counting try this portion control guide

    Lastly, make sure your hubby is eating enough or your plans are doomed to failure, 1400 calories seems very low to me

    Good luck!

  • Thank y very much that's what I keep telling him but do men listen ? Lol

  • Hi Pamed,

    Happy New Year

    Zest :-)

  • Happy new year to you all xx

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