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Can't get phlegm up, sticking in throat or lungs & causing shortness of breath

(Very sorry about the gross details im about to write) So ive had a cold, achey body, sore throat and snotty nose. However today my snot has some what dried up and now feels really blocked and when i blow it nothing comes out. But now my throat feels like i have a golf ball in there and it feels like pleghm is stuck (not sure if it's stuck in my throat or lungs?) every time i try and cough hard it feels like it's lodged somewhere and then it takes my breath and really struggle to breath. Ive had this many many times since being a child and in my experience it stays with me for about 4/5 days until it losens on its own and i am literally not breathing at all, then the phleghm will come up (normally when im in bed.) When its about to come up it lodges and sticks and it blocks my airways, then makes me heave and i will throw up a little and the phleghm comes up too? It looks like thick jelly and normally yellow/ green on colour. Its so irritating and scary, constantly think im going to lose my breath and die or something :( my throat just feels so tight and you can hear the phleghm blockage when i breathe.

Things I've tried:

•Drinking hot drinks, tea, lemsips etc

•Placing my head over a bowl of steaming hot water with a blanket over my head (makes it a little loser but it sticks even more)

•Rubbing Vicks on my chest

•Got my partner to hit my back but probably doing it wrong

Not sure if it's Phleghm, Catarrh, mucus or what. Any suggestions or help would be very appreciated! Just wish i had a lose cough where phlegm would come up. Hate having this sticky mucus stuck and leaving me struggling to breathe :(

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Sorry to hear that you're struggling with this, but we're not medically trained and this isn't generally a level of expertise for this forum. It really would be best for you to get advice from your GP.

I hope that you can get it sorted out satisfactorily.


Best advice as Moreless had said, go see your doctor or health professional.. WHILE you have the condition so they can examine you... after it's cleared is no good!

Hope you get an appointment.

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That doesn't sound good. Please consult your GP or Pharmacist, none of us here are medically qualified.

Take care


Consider pineapple chunks or freshly pressed juice. Pineapple contains a compound called bromelain, which has been attributed to loosening catarrh and phlegm, thus, making it easier to dispel


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