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Calorie counting to lose weight


Hi everyone just baffled by the calories thing and losing weight, for instance not that I would but could you have say 5 Mars bars a day if that added up to 1000 calories and then say a meal for 400 calories and still lose weight does it matter what you eat or just count the calories of everything. Hope this makes sense

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Is that really what you want to do, Sarah, or is a healthy lifestyle your aim?

A calorie is not a calorie, as some foods, particularly sugar have a very nasty effect on the body. Maybe watching this would clear things up for you?

Not saying I would do that I said in my comment I wouldn't do that but just didn't understand how the calories worked when counting them.

morelessAdministrator in reply to sarahkingston77

I hope the video has answered your question, Sarah :)

Active_43Healthy BMI

I guess you the maths would say you would lose weight but your body probably would not thank you for it!

Hi, your hair and skin would appreciate a more varied diet plus your insides need the protein and fibre sadly lacking in he mars bars. The sugar would give you a rush but then you would be flat. I recall at uni some slim girls did eat that way but I wonder what they look like now they are in their 40s. Good luck

Active_43Healthy BMI

I have just tested your idea and eaten 2 chocolate bars for lunch. I feel sick!!

Ceals3 stone in reply to Active_43

Active! I am sure it was just for research purposes!

Active_43Healthy BMI in reply to Ceals

Yes, research. Got my protein in though, they were both nut based :)

Oh dear lol yes that's what I don't understand if your calorie counting can you rate rubbish and still lose and definitely wouldn't do it but just can't get my head around it

zagemeel in reply to Active_43

O nooooooo


To answer your question sarahkingston77, in theory you could do that.

In practice, eating like that would have a detrimental effect on your hormones that would make it harder for your body to burn fat for fuel going forward.

Ergo, the theory is incomplete, because it assumes we burn calories like a calorimeter, rather than acknowledging our dependency on hormones.

Ceals3 stone

Not all calories are equal and your body needs the nutrients in real food. Cook from ingredients that you recognise rather than packets of things someone else has decided what goes into it.

check out the recipe section and the Daily Diary, loads of ideas.

I think the calorie counting is very good for learning what you actually eat. But the volume of food help you to remember that you ate a whole plate.The sweet calories fill you with contempt and you will probably want to eat real food as well. The counting teach you how to eat enough while eating good food. Obese and overweight people often don't know what they ate. Interesting stuff

I think that you just get into the swing of things as you go along. Eating the right amount of the right stuff is a skill which I have learnt over the past year, but still have things to learn. My advice would be to start calorie counting with what you think are the best foods and tweak it as you go. Good luck with it. James

Thank you yes think I'm over thinking it.

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