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Hiya, just thought I’d check in with my weight - I’m currently 15st 8lbs, which I can’t seem to get passed just yet!

My heaviest has been 17 stone in May so I’ve lost 8.4% so far!

I’d love to get down to the early 14 stone mark - I do have a rubbish eating habit though, I used to snack loads at one time several times throughout the day. I’ve cut that down massively but there are times where I’m hungry and eat loads of snacks which certainly doesn’t help!

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That's really good going adamjmwoods! Why not join a weigh-in and the Daily Diary, for ideas and extra support? :)


You are doing so good with losing 1st 7lbs so far and cutting down on the snacks too. Try drinking more water to keep the hunger at bay. Why not join in with the Daily Diary for a week and we can see what help you need to cut down on the snacking a bit more.


You're doing so well!! Keep it up!!


Just think of your target in smaller amounts? So rather than trying to lose a stone and a half you aim for half a stone at a time? Might make it more achievable ? Although you’ve done amazingly well thus far! And look for healthy snacks? I am now hooked on walnuts to replace chocolate biscuits! Can never seem to eat more than 4 walnut halves in one go but I could easily polish off half a package of chocolate digestives before!! Good luck!


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