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Slipped up yesterday

I went back to my old ways yesterday, alcohol and food :(.

I’ve not had any alcohol since April but things got to me yesterday, being full of cold didn’t help.

I drank a bottle of spirits and ate loads of crappy snack (Pringles and chocolate).

I must have hit around 3000 calories yesterday.

I need to try and dig deep this week and get back on track.

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Ah don’t worry too much about it. We all have slip ups now and again but being alcohol free since April is amazing. Overindulging with spirits after such a long gap is probably a shock to the system. You might be feeling hungover today.

Put it behind you today and get back on the wagon we’re all here for you.

You can do this!


Well done for recognising the old habit and wanting to correct it.

Wishing you a better week ahead..


I hope you are feeling okay today and not too sick from drinking a bottle of spirits.


Just accept you've had a blip and focus on getting back in track- anything come to mind what caused it? I had a blip yesterday as well (an extra 800calories) but my excuse is that I was looking after my friend's son and he was hungry (so was I) mid morning so we had a 6" veggie delite subway, then it was a pizza- they only did 11" though it was thin crust! Then baked potato and coleslaw and he then got very emotional and wanted to go home so had to deal with that and he ended up going back home so treated myself to a large glass of white wine. I am happy to blame the son leading me astray, though he did not force me to eat or have alcohol! I now have single cream and 2xfuit crumbles which we were going to have today to finish off, but have managed to plan my meals for the coming week that I can have them without going over my allowance.

Good luck with getting back on track and hope you have recovered from the alcohol and not feeling too bad this morning!


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