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85 days left till 2018

Transitioning into work has been a very interesting time for me.

I feel like I have absolutely no time. AT ALL. But I somehow manage to meal prep, workout 3 times a week and sort of get some sleep. implementing structure through good habits etc seems to help me not get completely out of control.

One thing I have learned this week is the art of balance. Learning to have self control but not deprive myself. I have increased my calorie intake, I realised I was eating way too little!

I am down 1lb which puts me at a 4lb loss for the last month. I am pretty happy with that. 85 days of the year left. This has been by the far the quickest year for me. It has gone by so quickly.

I hope you reach your goals for the end of the year. But more than that, I hope you find happiness on this journey.

This is something that I think I am well on my way to discovering.

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Great loss for the week/month Mary and I agree with you that you shouldn't deprive yourself. Sounds like you've got a plan and it's working. Well done!

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I agree totally about habits helping us through difficult days, and I’m glad you are managing to eat well and exercise as well as juggling a busy job 😊

Eating enough has been the secret to my success, I just cannot cope with hunger!

Well done maryfunke 😊


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