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Saturday weigh in

Hi all

Afraid I missed the post on Saturday the scales kept at 8O kgs which I wasn't too displeased with as I had a fish and chip supper on Friday. The weekend we attended a relatives wedding which as you can appreciate went really well plenty to eat and drink, this week is going to be difficult but I hope to get below 80kgs target 76kgs. Went for a 3 mile walk this morning had fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, cream cheese salad for lunch. beef & mushroom pie(pastry removed ) carrot, and broccoli mashed potatoe(a little) apple& satsuma. good luck all see you Saturday.

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It sounds as if you're staying mindful, arty, so I'm sure that by Saturday, those scales will be showing a loss :)

Keep up the great work! :)


You have done well to stay and not gained with a wedding celebration. Sounds like a good day yesterday. I too try avoid pastry, cheese and onion rolls. Wishing you a good week x


Thank you

the wedding was last Saturday so I am a little bit hopeful for a good day this Saturday I try to be mindful but its the temptation that is difficult I may have to employ some other stratergy to get below 80kgs and my target of 76kgs. I am managing to stay off the crisps and choccy biscuits, its the butter and cheese I have difficulty with. Have good week yourself good health x

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