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Daily Diary Tuesday 26th September 2017

Welcome to all my fellow Daily Diarists. I hope you've managed to stay on track today and seeing good results for all your efforts.

Welcome especially to all you newbies out there. This is where we plan what we are going to eat today, check out what others are eating and get some great ideas for your own menus. I'm always looking for new and interesting things to add to my menus. So, sit yourself down and plan what you are going to eat tomorrow. You will hopefully have checked your BMI and found the amount of calories recommended for you to lose weight, If not then do it now! I find doing this keeps me accountable and I feel obliged to stick to my plan if it's in black and white.

Just tell us what you are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as any snacks and if possible the calories for each meal and the total calorie range for each day. Tell us what exercises you are planning on doing and if you've got any helpful tips that might help others that would be great.

Please respond to at least one post but you can respond to as many as you want to give encouragement to others and cheer them on.

I've managed to stay on track today and hope tomorrow I can do the same. So here's my plan:

B - The same as today. Smoked salmon, wilted spinach, 2 scrambled eggs and avocado 309 cals

L - Home made beetroot soup topped with parmesan cheese and Full fat Greek yoghurt followed by an orange 317 cals

D - Roasted vegetables, fresh tuna and a mixed salad. Then a slice of carrot and sultana cake 616 cals.

Drinks - black tea and a milky coffee 160 cals

That's a total of 1,402 cals from a range of between 1,384 and 1,779 cals

15g fats, 31g carbs and 38g protein.

Exercise - A walk in the park to appreciate the autumnal colours.

Tip - Log everything you eat to stay on track.

Good luck everyone and 'Keep Counting!!'

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Wow food sounds great tomorrow Morgancando! Breakfast sounds like my ideal! And I agree with your Tip! Accuracy of records is important.

My day today (Mon) has gone well. It's my first day back on the right track after a couple of weeks holiday. I thought it would be so hard but I'd underestimated my love of veg and healthy food!!! Dinner was a cashew nut vegetable stir fry, I was in heaven! Portion sizes are a big cut down from previous weeks but I'll try to work through that, and high veg content allows for large plates without the cals. So far so good!

Tuesday- plan 1400 max to save cals for a dinner party on Sat

BREAKFAST- bio yoghurt, coffee with almond milk, Ape crispy salted coconut wisps, a small banana (250)

LUNCH - Golden tagine from the freezer - butternut squash, corn, mixed veg, turmeric, lemon (200)

DINNER - spiralised carrot spaghetti, loyd Grossman tomato and roasted garlic sauce, with quorn pieces, fried onion, finely chopped spring greens, diced courgette (360)

SNACK - 3 rice cakes smeared thinly with marmite, with smashed avocado, capers and slivers of pickled onion. (200), 25g cashews (130), 25g pistachios home from Greece (100)

EXERCISE - my run. After a 3 week break from c25k I've no idea where I'll be in terms of stage. Maybe go back a bit...? I'll be out running regardless.

TIP - plan and make food you love so you enjoy the whole process and your meals are a joy. Food should be a joy.


Oh my giddy aunt! that sounds absolutely fabulous HappyBeee. Well done you for getting right back on track after your holiday. Getting back to lovely home made food really is a treat. I'm sure you'll be fine with your c25k just take it a bit easier for now and your body will soon respond. What exactly are ape crispy, salted coconut wisps? Sounds interesting!


They're... a revelation. The ones I found are by a company called Ape. They do all kinds of coconut based stuff. I love these salted coconut things. They're big shavings of dried coconut with salt and other stuff on them. Very crispy and tasty. 100 cals in the bag!

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They do sound good.

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This is their range. Not saying everyone will like it or that other companies don't make these just as well or better (ie I'm not advertising)

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Thanks they look good. Would you take a photo of the back of one of the packs so I can check out the carbs etc.

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Hope you had an amazing holiday HappyBeee, what a tasty day you have planned for tomorrow.


You have planned such a fabulous day of food HappyBeee whatever the salted coconut wisps are I think they would be right up my street - anything coconut and I am there.

Lots of lovely veggies.

Hope you get back to the running, you were really enjoying it. Might be wise to back track a bit. i am now on Wk 3 of a coached C25K and stunned that I have just done 7x2 minute runs with 1minute walk in between.

The joy of food and cooking is so important to me. There are such lovely things to eat. Enjoy your day.


Well done on the c25k I'm impressed! It's crazy how quickly this ability to run can build. Take it easy on yourself though!

Yes the joy of food and cooking means a lot to me too.

Have a lovely day yourself! :-)


Because we are doing it as part of a coached group it is really good, be as slow as you like (I am slow) and no one minds, just encourages. We also do a proper warm up and cool down which means I have had very few aching muscles. Only run one of the week is part of the group you have to do the other two runs yourself. I quite enjoy running by myself now that I have found a park to run in.


That sounds like a great programme! I love running alone too but as it gets darker in the evenings im going to struggle to find places I don't feel vulnerable running. That's why I'm joining a running club I think.

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Brilliant to join a club HappyBee. Well done you


Oooooh lovely, Morgancando!!! What a treat of a menu! :)

Thanks so much for hosting :)


My pleasure! Wish I'd eaten before posting as my dinner is getting cold now!!


Oh no!!! You go and eat!! :o


Gosh Morgancando , you know how to get the most out of your calories! What a day of treats! I'm away on holiday at the moment, just logging on to see how everyone is getting on, and to encourage myself to try and stay on track and make wise choices. Today should have been easy - crab sandwiches, but the chips were just too tempting on a grey, miserable day! Will try harder tomorrow! 😊 but not always easy when you're out and about.


Chips are always tempting! I'm almost unable to ever resist! Mind you, crab sandwiches sound pretty good too.Enjoy your holiday.


A crab sandwich sounds lush TT. Hope you enjoyed the chips.

Have a great holiday.


Everything in moderation including moderation TT! no harm to have a little treat on holiday! Holiday chips are the best too. So oily. Im craving chips at 9am. Aagh

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Good to hear from you Trimmerteacher thanks for dropping in while on holiday. I think you're allowed a few naughty treats when you're on holiday as long as you get back on track when you get home as I'm sure you will.

I'm lucky to have the time to cook from scratch and the fact that I love cooking helps.

Enjoy the rest of your break even if the weather's not great.


Absolutely fabulous menu Morgancando I really wouldn't want to leave any part of any of your meals uneaten. Have you tried making your parmesan cheese into crisps? That would go really well with your soup I think. Just put little mounds, well spaced out on a baking tray covered with baking parchment. Pop in a hotish oven until the cheese has melted. Let them cool a bit and peel them off the parchment.

Well done for attacking your carbs and getting them so low. Really like your poster.

I didn't get my planned dinner this evening so it is back on the menu for tomorrow. Had a delicious crab and prawn salad this evening instead - yummy!

I have also done Week 3 Run 1 of a coached C25K this evening - feeling very pleased with myself about that, well very pleased with my daughter she persuaded me to join her.

So, tomorrow

Brunch: 2organic beef burgers; 100g cos lettuce; avocado, 50g Ossau Iraty sheep's cheese 821 cals

Dinner: 150g crispy chicken; 100g cauliflower, Tuscany kale, tender stem broccoli; 20g butter; 100g strawberries, strawberries, 45mls double cream.

20g homemade macademia nut butter (need to make up the calories, what a lovely way to do it). 144cals

Total: 1699

Carbs 38g; Fat 122g; Protein 97g


I don't know which of your meals I want to eat more Ceals!


I have really gone down the brunch/dinner route recently. I find it so much easier. Might not stay that way for ever but for now it is good.

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I second this!


Hi Ceals

Seen macadamia butter crop up quite a bit (probably on your menus)

How do you make it please?

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Quite easy, I think the easiest of the nut butters. Roast as many nuts as you wish on an oven tray about 150 for 10mins ish. Then bung them in a blender and whizz to desired consistency. I have a tendency to eat it by the spoon full-you may be more restrained.



Do you use macadamia for any reason aside from taste?

You know me too well-they are lower carbs than most nuts. I do like the taste but carbs is the real reason.

Woah - that brunch! Mouth-watering :-D


Scrum diddly umptious! Love sheep cheese. So much. Well done again on the running, you're doing so so so well. Given that you thought you couldn't do it. Amazing!


Evening all, and thanks to Morgancando for hosting, what a delicious day you're having. I love the way your menu is packed full of nutritious ingredients and still manages to include a bit of cake!

Better day for me today, not quite perfect as I had a minor incident with chocolate popcorn, but a big improvement.

Tomorrow is looking tasty:

B - Smoothie with banana, cashews, cucumber, frozen mango and pineapple and homemade apple puree. Around 250 cals a portion. Then some fried quails eggs on mushrooms - around 150 cals

L - leftover curry from tonight - 300 cals

Afternoon snack - ginger Greek yoghurt - 150 cals

D - spicy chicken fajhita wrap - a family favourite - 450 cals

Total 1300.

Exercise - early morning run, then weather permitting a bit of gardening in my lunch break.


That breakfast sound absolutely amazing.

Love that you have a minor accident with some popcorn!

Enjoy your run.

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Salcheq what a lovely menu! I would really enjoy every morsel of your food. Don't think I could have resisted the chocolate popcorn either! I can't take the credit for the cake, my daughter made it and I brought some home with me today.

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I'm very interested in your smoothie Salcheq as we make them in my shop.

Most of the ones we sell are either apple juice or orange juice based. By using our own apple purΓ©e as you do this would be a much healthier choice than juice?

Do you use any particular apple?

Thanks for that Ceals. I'll try them, they sound lovely. I still haven't tried the macademia butter but that sounds good too. I've never heard of Ossau Iraty sheeps cheese! Your menu for tomorrow sounds lush!

Well done on your C25k. You're obviously very close to your daughter and she's done well encouraging you to run. If it wasn't for my daughter I wouldn't be here now posting.

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It is a two way street with my daughter and running. Neither of us would go without the other. Very close to both my girls they are gems.

Love the quote and thanks for hosting Morgancando

Breakfast- oatmeal w/coconut milk and usual coffee 285 calories

Lunch - vegetable lentil soup with gluten free bread 440 calories

Dinner - Quorn casserole with mashed potatoes 417 calories

Snacks- flap jack, popcorn, bananas 338 calories

Water throughout the day

Exercise - 20 minute walk to work and evening rowing

PS - I'll add more healthy snacks I'm still under my limit


Lovely, tasty menu ShadowDee. I love veggie lentil soup and will put it on my menu later this week. I'm so into soups at the minute, you can pack so many good ingredients into them for so few calories. Enjoy your walk and rowing.


Hello didn't do very well at all yesterday and today got all mucked up to ..however although I didn't eat healthy as such I've managed 1458 calories so not too bad ..another 15 hr shift tomorrow but I've planned for it so should be ok


Hi shellsmithcat. Well done on your calories,, it's impressive that you've stuck to a good amount even with such long working hours, which does make it hard. Good luck with your plan for tomorrow

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At least you kept control of your calories, so well done for that Shellsmithcat. Working shifts must be so difficult when you're planning your meals. What have got planned for tomorrow? Why not make a big pan of soup when you get a minute and freeze it into portions to take to work with you. That's assuming you've got access to a microwave! Good luck.


Hi Morgancando and thanks for hosting. Tomorrow I'm having

B-- porridge and fruit with seeds 300, half grapefruit 25

L- veg and lentil soup with bread and butter 306

D- salmon, couscous, runner beans 500

snacks 200

tea and coffee 100

under my target of 1700 so I'll add a handful of nuts. I checked my bmi again and it's 27.6 and I should be eating 1564- 2011 calories. I've set myself a target of 1700 but so far weight loss is practically non existent. Should I be eating less or more or just keep going with what I'm doing? Any advice very welcome


forgot, as always, to say I will be walking the dog and going for a run


Very well done rutheliza. 1,700 calories is a perfect target. It's always advisable to reach for the higher end of your calorie range as eating too few can trick your body into holding on to the fat as it thinks you're starving yourself otherwise. Don't worry that the weight isn't coming off yet. Give it time and stick with it, I promise it'll start moving soon as long as you eat enough. My weight loss is slow too but we have to remember that this is a life style change and not a diet. Keep logging on and feel free to ask for help at any time.

Very best of luck.



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Well folks it's bed time for me. I didn't sleep very well last night so need to have an early (ish) night tonight but I'll be around all day tomorrow.

Good luck all you lovely people.

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Quick post before bed. Thanks for having us Morgancando

B. HD banana muffins

L. Eggs on toast

D. Carbonara and salad

Exercise. Ballet

Calories. Only 1400 at the moment but that will go up.


Good morning Active43 sorry I didn't reply last night, I took myself off for any early night and slept like a baby.

Lovely menu you've got planned for today. Must have a look for those banana muffins in my one and only HD book. I love their recipes. I'm going to have to look for another one.

You could up your calories with some nuts or a crispy apple with cheese. Enjoy the ballet that should burn the calories.

Have a good day.


Thanks Morgancando , feeling positive today. I had a lovely sleep too. Have a good one x


I could eat anal things on your menu.. Enjoy

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Good evening thank you Morgancando for hosting this makes a change writing in the evening I am usually late in doing my DD. Breakfast is cornflakes with a banana skimmed milk and a coffee. Lunch home made veg soup and ham sandwich. Dinner chicken stir fry. Calories are around1200 calories. So will have some fruit with yogurt. Skimmed milk with coffee. I am hoping it will be 1500 calories. Exercise today is walking to Tesco’s and back. That is about 25 mins each way. Then I will look forward to seeing what everyone else is eating.


Sounds a lovely menu and a nice walk, with weights on return.. a full work out!!

Ooh your soup sounds good, I love roasted beetroot.

B - scrambled eggs, mushrooms, an apple, 370

L - homemade broccoli soup, cheese toastie, 560

D - ratatouille pasta bake, salad, 510

I'll probably have some almonds and chocolate for pudding, 170

After late shift - hot cross bun, 240

This takes me towards the top of my range.


Just my kind of menu diamondblock. We've all gone soup mad recently haven't we!

I love ratatouille, it's so versatile. Enjoy your hot cross bun after work.


Sounds a good menu Hidden, enjoy it all. πŸ˜‹

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Hi Morgancando,

Thank you for hosting. The poster is great.. positively positive πŸ˜‰

Monday went well...

Tuesday's menu looks like this... FASTING DAY 600 cals

48 carbs, 27 fat, 37 protein

Protein chocolate shake - 200

HD meatloaf with beetroot & 1/2 avocado - 368

100g fresh strawberries - 32

Total - 600 Fasting day (NHS BMI 1354 - 1741)

Minimum of 1 & 1/2 litres water

Exercise planned is to walk our little dog πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸΎπŸΎ

Tip for today... When you drop some weight.. Remember to check your NHS BMI calculator to adjust your allowance too!!

Cheering us all on πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


Hi Minniewinny. What a lovely menu for so few calories! Hope your 5-2 plan is going well for you. Very good tip to check your BMI as you lose. I love meatloaf. I've just looked through my HD book but it's not in there. I'm going to look for another one of their books today.

Have a lovely day/

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Loving the sound of your food day, yum! For breakfast I made myself a smoothie which consisted of half a banana, half an apple, handful of spinach, tablespoon of peanut butter, 30g oats and almond milk. It came in at 360 calories and was SO tasty. :)

Lunch will be scrambled eggs on toast with mushrooms and tomatoes. Dinner will be a home made cottage pie which I make with half low fat mince and half puy lentils and a topping of root veg (370 cals per serving).

I'll mix in a few snacks - bit of popcorn, a yoghurt and some fresh pineapple.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! x

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Hi SNewell41. Welcome to the Daily Diary. I take it this is the first time you've posted on here, am I right?

Well done for planning and what a good idea to stick it on the fridge as a reminder. I'm wondering whether you've checked your BMI to see what your calorie range should be. Eating too few calories can have the opposite effect and will probably cause you to put on rather than lose. It's recommended that you eat at the middle to higher range for the best results.

Have a good Tuesday and good luck.


Thanks for the message and the encouragement 😊 I've checked my BMI and am aiming for around £1700 calories a day which is just below the middle range. I figured I could always reduce if I plateau. Just tucking into my lunch now. Very tasty!

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That sounds perfect! Enjoy your lunch.

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Little late, but rather late that never :D :D

Today has gone well and my plan for tomorrow (my playdate day with grandson 3) is :

Breakfast: (270cals)1Egg Mayo on corn thin (the usual),

Lunch: (170cals) Pea and Hamhock soup (WR)

Supper:(630cals)Beef, green beans, Cheezy cauliflower, Beetroot

Extra Drinks (250cals)5 teas with skimmed milk

Extra Snacks/treats(200cals) Will add up as I go :D

Total for day1320 Aim: 1500-1800

Exercise: Playing with grandson! :D

I wish you lots of fun!

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Thanks so much for being such a brilliant host again, Morgancando and thank you everyone, for sharing and caring :)

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