Resetting after holidays

I got off to a good start a fortnight ago but have been on holiday at my brothers in Scotland.

Unfortunately my willpower was not strong enough to resist all the goodies on offer. The shortbread, soda scones, pancakes, lorne sausage and and "tattie scones" all took their toll so I am going to reset to week 1.

As I have no holidays planned between now and Xmas this is the ideal time to start afresh on the 12 week plan.

My starting weight will now be 17st 6lbs.(this mornings weigh in)

My target will be to reach 16 stones over the 12 week period.


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7 Replies

  • Will you continue to log onto the Saturday weigh-in, Dalgain, or will you be swapping to the Monday weigh-in?

  • If possible I would like to change to a monday weigh in as this coincides with the weekly sheets.

  • That would be fine, pop over now and I'll see you there :)

  • How do I pop over to weigh in

  • You already have!!! :o

  • It's so hard when family give you food! Especially when they've gone to some effort to make nice things for you. It's so personal. My son has been home from uni over the summer and contributing by taking on some of the cooking which is great, and he's a good and healthy cook, but calorie counting has gone out of the window! I can't reject his food so have had to be careful with portion sizes and taken a few extra walks round the block to keep it balanced..Good luck with your reset, I'm sure you'll get there.

  • Even when you are not with family Dalgain , it's hard to summon up the willpower to resist treats when you're on holiday.

    I'm away on holiday this week, and my resolve was weakening 😈 especially because up until now, I had no Wifi! But I can thankfully get a signal at last, and although I can't plan my meals this week, I can track my calorie intake (to an extent) on MFP 😇, and more importantly, I can help myself stay motivated by reading posts on here - which I am able to do because the weather is so miserable! 😕

    Good luck with your reset!

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