Worst person ever on earth

Hey, today I think myself that why I m doing workout ,why I m eating healthy food ,when all my family member and relative call me a mentle retarded guy, each and everyone of my blood family member call me I m good for nothing and a mental retarded guy who will never achieve nothing in life, I m thinking maybe they are right or I m making fool on myself ,when I know I m ugly job less guy who has no girlfriend entire life , it's going nothing after I lost 6 kg in 2 months but now I m thinking I was a foolish guy who get membership in gym ,though maybe I will start believe myself but my entire family and relative say you are a sociopath patient. I know I will never loss belly fat or get hair transplant and never ever get a girlfriend in my remaining life because everyone mocking on my conditions, everyone say u are good for nothing . a ugly 29 year old loser guy. Thanks


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86 Replies

  • The best person to lose weight for and be fitter for and be healthier for Saad619 is yourself. Other people's opinions of you, and what they tell you is irrelevant. You can decide for yourself what is good about you, and the rest does not matter one jot.

  • I did but I can't face so much insult and mocking ,I don't need this kinda life

  • Do your best to ignore them.

  • Don't listen, don't think about it, don't remember. No-one here ever insults or mocks you, so spend time here instead.

  • Like Minniewinny has just said, do your best to ignore it. I can sympathise as most of my family and friends didn't take well to me losing weight (I still don't know why) and at times it would have been easy to stop but now they've mostly accepted that this is me now.

    I wish you all the best.

  • You can think good thoughts about yourself. Let yourself like yourself. You have gone to the gym. Well done. Keep going.

  • Sorry to read your post Saad619

    You need to be a little deaf to what's being said around you and concentrate on doing this for yourself, not anyone else, or for what you think others want. So do it for you and enjoy your progress.

  • My family everyone call me mentle retarded guy, they say u will never get any girlfriend or life , they mocking on me and my all relative

  • You need to pay less attention to them and concentrate on yourself and your goals to stay focused.

  • But they call me that nobody wanna make u as a friend and no girl on earth will marry me

  • Oh wow... where to start.

    No one has any right to be mean to you like that. I don't know what your relationships are with your family members but whatever they are, you stick to your guns about losing weight (living healthily).

    When people are being mean to you it can be overwhelming but you need to be strong. You've done so well to lose that 6kg and they cannot take that away from you. I know from personal experience how upsetting it is when the scales don't move but they will. As long as you carry on doing what you've been doing, the weight will come off.

    Nothing foolish about getting that gym membership. Look after yourself and you'll be surprised at how the pieces of life's jigsaw tend to fall into place... sometimes when you least expect it.

    Keep posting here and try not to let these people get you down.

  • My family my relative mocking on me they all call me sociopath

  • Harsh I know but you do not need people like that in your life. Family or no family, no one should ever have to listen to pure negativity and insults like that or of any kind.

    If I were you I'd get down the gym, bag myself some new friends and prove to every sad soul that they have clearly got you wrong and you can do it.

    Don't let anyone destroy your dreams, you only get one life remember!!!?

    So go live it! Best of luck 😉 x

  • But my family and relative say I m 30 year old with no job and girlfriend with ugly looks

  • I know how you feel. I'm in a similar predicament. Hope you find happiness. Good luck.

  • I wish I was never born or die soon

  • Me too. I try meditating when I'm panicking or feeling very upset. healthunlocked.com/mental-h...

  • Is there someone you can properly talk to... a close friend, a doctor. You shouldn't be coping with this on your own

  • I wish I have some close friend but nobody wanna friend with me

  • It makes me sad if that is the case. Stay linked in to here and you'll have lots of people who will care for you.

  • My family say that u will never be able to make any girlfriend who marry u or any friends either

  • You will. :)

  • Wow how

  • By making yourself happy and not listening to them.

  • People often try to make themselves feel bigger by trying to make others feel smaller. Do try and ignore them... take one day at a time and maybe, maybe, one day, they'll stop being so small minded.

  • Maybe I can make a girlfriend to tell that I m not loser but unfortunately I don't have any looks

  • There's a person for everyone... boy or girl. Take one step at a time, one day at a time.

  • Yeah but no girl wanna date with jobless ugly guy sorry

  • prove them wrong by achieving everything you set out to do in life.

  • It's getting hard ,I can't listen anymore mocking about my life

  • Well they are probably jealous, just keep going and don't listen to them.

  • I wish I can but a guy who never kiss a girl feel a big failed

  • Just get fit and healthy and you will attract more people.

    Have a good personality to and don't let anyone stand in the way of your goals and ambitions.

    Keep going and enjoy life.

  • Wish it will happen

  • It will happen if you make it happen.

  • Saad619,

    Don't give up on the fantastic progress you have made with the weight loss so far. Like Jimatom had said, "they may be jealous" of what you had done so far. Why stop now? Show them that you can keep loosing the weight and the rest will just come when the timing is right. Everything works out for the best when we least expect it to. Don't worry about what other people say. Enjoy life! Don't wish it away.

  • What about my blood family who mocking on me everyday and say your life is wasted

  • The best thing to do, Saad619 is talk to someone who will listen. Don't listen to the ones who put you down. You have friends. Listen to US!

  • U forget me sorry

  • U did not respond me on inbox

  • Jimatom is right. Piece your life together one manageable bit at a time.

    It's a bit like the general ethos here on losing weight. The trick is not to look at how you might lose all the weight but how you might lose that first one kilo. Then to celebrate losing that one kilo and concentrate on the next one. The same goes for the whole of life, so work on small achievable bits.

    And don't forget the 6kg that you've already brilliantly lost.

    Be strong!

  • I wisy family support me like u people's do

  • With time and your determination, you can show them your inner strength. It will help them rethink.

  • But I don't have good job neither I have girlfriend

  • The real question is Saad619 Do you want to listen to people here who care about you, and are nice to you? Or do want to listen to your relatives who are calling you names? Make a choice and just listen to those you have chosen to want to hear from.

    People who call others names stop if they receive no reaction, because it is a waste of effort. But people will also eventually stop being nice to people who ignore them every time they are kind to them.

  • I wish

  • Wish?

  • I wish I can kiss a girl maybe in dream because no girl wanna marry like a bold head no job loser like me

  • The real question is Saad619 Do you want to listen to people here who care about you, and are nice to you? Or do want to listen to your relatives who are calling you names? Make a choice and just listen to those you have chosen to want to hear from.

    People who call others names stop if they receive no reaction, because it is a waste of effort. But people will also eventually stop being nice to people who ignore them every time they are kind to them.

  • Yes I m ignore them but they making my life miserable by say that no girl will ever marry me

  • I married my hubby 4 yrs ago. He did not have a job at the time, he is bald and my friends did not think he was good looking. He was 35 and never had a girlfriend before.

    I think he is wonderful because he was funny and always cheerful. Lots of women are attracted to personalities. Start smiling more. Think positive.

    I come from a similar household. But I fought it by only using positive language. When they said nasty things, I would say, Thank you for your opinion. They did not do it as much when they realised that they could not get to me.

  • If this is the case you need to get away from these people.

    They are clearly making you miserable and that's no life.

    Forget about girls, you can't expect to find someone just because your being told you won't all the time by your family.

    Get out, get away, make new friends, build a new life, don't give up or give in. No matter how hard it gets, beauty is standing up for what you believe in. Not letting bullies win!!!

    Being strong is an attraction - everything else will fall into place you'll see. 😃

  • I hope I will, my family running my life by say that you are worst person in whole family member and relative

  • When they say something like that, walk away and pretend that they didn't say anything.

  • Right well you need to get away from these people don't you? If someone came to you with the same scenario what advice would you give them??

  • They say u need to **** away from our lifes

  • Saad619

    Just read through your posts. Would it be worth speaking to your Dr and asking them if they can refer you to someone who you could talk these things through with? There are so many good kind people out there that will listen to you and help you realise that you are not what your relatives say you are.

  • But they charge fees also not Chartable

  • More sound advice, you really need to take on board what everyone is saying, there are such great people on here to chat with and vent to if that's what you need. But madflo is right, you need to speak with someone who can professionally help you through these problems. It will only escalate and no body wants that for you.

    Please seek some professional help, you are certainly not alone 🌸

  • Doctor ask money first before treatment and I don't have that right now

  • Why do you have to pay for treatment. Are you not with nhs?

  • What is that

  • Where do you live? In the Uk or not?

  • I live in Pakistan

  • Oh ok. In the Uk we have a system called the nhs for medical care. If you can save some money to see your Dr or a counsellor I reckon you would start feeling better about things. Mainly because will have taken a big step in helping yourself to realise that it's your family that are not being nice. You are good just as you are and need to find a way to believe in yourself.

  • Unfortunately I m not live in UK and so I have nothing

  • I really think you need to talk things through. Can you save up to see a Dr?

  • I agree with Madflo, you need to talk to someone- ask your GP if he can refer you for counselling or contact the Samaritans since you sound really depressed and I am concerned about you. Do you still live at home? Its seems like you need to temporarily disown your family since they are bullies and not helping you at all. Having a girlfriend/partner/boyfriend is not the what a person is- its how they live their life and sense of belief in themselves. Focusing on having a girlfriend is avoiding the real issue which seems to be that you have a really horrible family who seems to enjoy putting you down- maybe its because they don't want you to be able to see for yourself that you can make something of your life.

    What is holding you back from getting a job? Is it lack of skills or is it because you are so used to be told negative things about yourself that you have come to believe it and have stopped trying? Don't the job centre provide training to complete application forms and interview techniques? Maybe loosing weight at present needs to be a lower priority and that you need to focus on building up your own inner strength to help you deal with life in general and your family in particular. The less you have to do with your family the better things maybe for you whilst you are developing the necessary mindset to think about yourself more positively- until that changes I don't think you will be able to concentrate on loosing weight.

    I hope things improve for you but I do think you need more help that we cannot give on here

    Do you live outside the UK?

  • Yes I live in Pakistan

  • Can you speak with a doctor? 🌻

  • I don't have money to spend on doctor

  • A close friend? Anyone?

  • Do you have confidential support lines you can call and talk to?

    Or if you fancy helping yourself you could look into cognitive behavioural therapy online. I went through counselling cos I had such little self worth. I did cbt and would definitely recommend it.

  • I did that too, unfortunately I didn't find it much help, apart from the worry tree. That helped. :) So I guess it did help. Sorry, rambling now. x

  • Hi Saad619

    You've had so many replies people really care how you are so you do matter to people who haven't even met you. Others have said ignore rude comments people who usually mock other people are usually not very confident themselves or indeed jealous.

    I spent most of my life feeling second best in my family not pretty enough, slim enough, clever enough and I let it ruin many years of my life now I know I'm me take it or leave it I won't change for anyone and you too Saad are unique, there's only one of you, you will have special qualities being kind, clever, sympathetic to others whatever it may be we all have certain good qualities about us.

    You've done brilliantly to loose the weight so far just last year you were finding even that difficult so look how well you've done already success 👍😊

    What do you enjoy to do most, what makes you happy? Gym, music, football, cooking, making stuff? Whatever it is when you feel down do that.

    Women do not go for fantastic looking guys most women love a kind, considerate guy who makes them feel special and protected, makes them laugh etc.

    If you really feel so low and like life is not worth living you need to see a doctor as soon as possible even if you have to pay. You are young, unique, with so much to live for, make the best of it concentrate on you what you enjoy, keep on with your brilliant weight loss so far, smile when people mock you, tell them that's their opinion and it means nothing to you. Say hello and give a little smile when you see a lovely lady, wait, she's out there waiting for the unique and special Saad maybe next week or next year but she's there somewhere, meanwhile it's you that matters and you alone.

    Good luck Saad don't be a stranger on the forum we are all here to loose weight and build our confidence up so join us in our journeys😊

  • Maybe the community here can offer the support you feel you might not be getting elsewhere. Great job with the weight loss........great achievement.

  • Hi saad. Have u tried counselling ? I know it's helped me over the years regarding "family" issues.

  • The people who continue to attack you are threatened by you because you are trying to change

    By doing this you are telling them that their way is not the only way and that it is not acceptable to you

    And that is very challenging especially as it sounds as if your role in their lives is to be a punching bag to take out their misery on you

    Who are these family members

    Is it acceptable in a family to say cruel things to people close to you

    You say you do not have a good job so do you have one

    If so that is a good start

    Being bald does not matter many men here shave their heads to look smart

    You have already started to lose weight and get fitter

    Put your energy in to that and follow this wise and kind forum

    You will be pleased with what follows but it will take time

  • Follow your path, make your own decisions, and prove them wrong. Believe in yourself and keep up great work. In the end you've already lost 6kg, and it is only 2 months that have passed.

    In this forum you will always have all the support, nobody will be insulting or mocking you.

    Life can change, even after 30. You are still young and can change your life.

  • bless you Saad619 you have too tell yourself you can do this and prove them wrong stick with it and ignore what's been said too you by your family there very wrong you have to believe in your self and not be put down anymore they are giving you low self esteem and every one is worthy of a good life and that means you too 😃

  • hey dude.

    Sounds like you have low self esteem and depression.

    Losing weight and going to the gym to build muscle is going to help.

    Being bald isn't a big deal, if you can groom yourself to make it look like part of your style. Loads of people go bald.

    As for girl friends, well making your appearance better is going to help, although, some say that its not all down to appearance. A lot of dating is about confidence and personality, perhaps learning to flirt is also a bit part.

    The worst person in the world is a big title to live up to, as there are loads of people on this planet and loads of really horrible people who do really horrible things intentionally.

    Just existing and needing to lose weight, not having a job etc. doesn't make you bad.

    Just makes you someone who wants to lose weight and someone who wants a job.

    As for being retarded. It sounds like who ever suggested such, is simply bullying you.

    So ignore or ask them if they are challenging you to a fight (a lot of bullies cant fight that's why they have to bully, and cyber stalk people. Spineless cowards).

    Consider starting Judo, Jiu Jutsu or another martial art. As this will give you a constructive positive focus, which will help you elevate your self esteem and get fit at the same time.

    I also recommend meditation for learning to let go of what people think as well as readjusting your perception about yourself.

    As for girl friends. Personally not having a girl friend isn't a big deal to me, as woman take up a lot of time and stop you from doing the things you want. I am someone who likes my freedom, no so i can sleep around but so i don't have to put up with the stress and expectation from a partner. I also can do what ever i want when i want without asking permission.

    As for the virgin thing, consider prostitutes if it is really bothering you.

    keep on fighting dude

    hope you feel happier soon!

  • Saad619,

    Time to prove them all wrong,come on this forum anytime and there will be support and encouragement for you or a listening ear.

    Take care Saad619

  • Show them what you can do... silence your critics. Get support from here. Make a big circle around them and mind yourself when you are near them

    Best wishes

  • Hi i had to look up the meaning of sociopath, it means extremely antisocial among other things. How does being antisocial stop you being the weight that you want to be, there are very few of us the shape that we want to be. There are people that stay with their husbands and wives and they are not happy so having a partner doesn't necessarily bring happiness. Are you free of pain, can you go to the gym when you wish, and walk and run, have you hobbies that don't include a lot of people (my favourites hobbies are those I can do by myself.) If there are people who are completely happy with themselves there are very few. You are you and just make the best of what you can be best at, don't measure your life against anyone else, especially wanting to be happy with a partner that would be a stroke of sheer good luck and a needle in a haystack. Your whole focus is on yourself would it be possible to help out at a charity - human or animal - get away from the focus of the negative about yourself and help the unfortunate. And most of all - START THINKING FOR YOURSELF YOU ARE NOT JUST THE THING OTHER PEOPLE LABEL YOU. Everyone is absolutely unique, just make the best of what you've got.

  • Are you for real? Or are you taking the piss? If you're for real then I have all the time in the world for you. If you're taking the piss, sod off! because there are real people on here with real issues. x No offence intended.

  • Hi saad.

    My mother and 2 sisters don't understand me either. We have different intellect levels too.

    Luckily its good to be different.

    Enjoy exploring your strength and weaknesses. Without familyinterferenceI

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