New 12-week commitment

So today I start the 12-week plan for the second time. This time I am better equipped and my goal is to get to the end of the 12 weeks! I am not good at planning my meals in advance and tend to decide on the day what I am having. Hopefully the planning will come in time as I would like to go shopping with a list. Planning my meals is something I would like to get better at over time.

Calorie recording is something else I want to manage better. At the moment I am recording the calorie content as I cook and count them up at the end of day. I am not sure if this is the way to go but it seems to be working for me at the moment but it tends to take the enjoyment out of cooking. I would like to have all the foods prepared calorie wise in advance ready for me to get on with the cooking. I guess it will take practice.

Right to the main business of the day, my commitment to the next 12 weeks: -

1)I will weigh-in each Monday for the next 12-weeks with the exception to the days where I have been working the night before.

2)I will keep a food journal throughout the 12-week plan and review it each week (a Sunday, except when I am working).

3)I will review my BMI on a weekly basis (Tuesdays) based on the previous days weigh-in results.

4)Review the 12-week plan on 14/11/2017.

My goal for the next 12 weeks is to keep to the above commitments and loss 1lb a week. My rewards will be £3 for every weigh-in (cheaper than a slimming club fee), £1 for every 1lb loss, an extra £5 for every 7lb loss and £5 for every point reduction on my BMI. Monies to be spent on non-food items!

Now to the stats!! Since 19/05/2017 when I started the 12-week plan for the first time there has been a reduction!! My current stats are as follows with Mays in brackets: -

Weight: 16st 9½lbs (17st 2lbs)

Waist 43.7 inches (44.9 inches) - Body: 13.86 inch loss !!! WOW

BMI: 41.4 (42.5)

These figures have definitely gave me the extra boost to continue. One day at a time and one meal at a time so I better get on with it and start with today’s breakfast!


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3 Replies

  • New to this so no expert but sounds as though you are really thinking through and well prepared. Losses to date show you CAN do it.

    Go girl!!

  • Great plan DD7005! Am loving your weigh-in rewards, it will keep your eye on the ball. All the very best!

  • Hope you have a good start... um I'm joining you, on 3rd 12 week plan, since I joined, one step two step...can't remember the rest, roll on the next 12 weeks, ready for Xmas,1500 to 1800cals (my daily intake of to be .....)can eat quite a lot with 1800cals 😊🤞

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