I can't stop snacking today!!!

I don't know what it is about today but I absolutely can't stop snacking. I've had nice, healthy-sized portions with lots of fruit and veg but I've also hoovered up 3 biscuits and 6 (disgusting) chicken dippers. It doesn't sound like a lot but it adds up to over 500 calories so that's my hard work wiped out today :( boooooo. I blame my dissertation deadline hanging over me.


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13 Replies

  • Hi hudson95

    It can be frustrating when you have had a good day and unhealthy snacking spoils it. Try not to beat yourself up over it just move on. Why not make up some healthy snacks like peanuts and raisins or fruit and include it into your daily calories so you can have it and still be on track.

    Hope you get your dissertation finished on time so you will be able to relax then.

  • Thank you YellowRose55 :) I've been hard at work over the weekend which has helped with not snacking as much. I'm going to bag up a few measured portions of fruit and nuts too.

  • snacking is my downfall, very often I don't even think, just shove it in my gob! Tonight I have got myself into bed watching tv, just to avoid the kitchen!

  • Yes and it's so easy to snack when you're sat down watching tv or reading!!

  • Hi hudson95

    I wouldn't beat yourself up about it, draw a line under it, and start afresh tomorrow.

    I know exactly how you are feeling though, as i have started of well, and then ruined it by eating whatever i wanted, and then regretting it afterwards.

    Tomorrow is another day, start again and don't give into temptation. You can do this :)

  • Thank you blackbeauty99 :) it definitely helps, coming back here and seeing everyone's responses whenever I feel like eating something unhealthy.

  • I had one of those nights last night. But hey, it was only one night in a week and a half of good eating. Not going to worry about it. Yesterday has been and gone, no going back, and today is a new day.

  • exactly :) it happens to everyone now and then doesn't it!

  • Stress is a great activator of appetite! It makes you crave carbs and, at least in my case, protein, so your "blow-out" is understandable. Once your dissertation is finished I would expect the cravings to go. Keep going, you will get there!

  • Tell me about it!! Thank you docmar I definitely need that motivation right now :) 3 weeks to go!

  • What fruit was it?

  • We all have bad days. Don't be too hard on yourself. Stress can often be a cause of snacking. I often bite my fingernails when stressed out but would probably reach for cake too given half the chance. One tip though, if you can't resist biscuits, don't buy them. If they're not in the house, you can't be tempted. If you do still crave them, why not make your own with low fat ingredients and sugar alternatives. At least then if you do buckle, it won't do too much damage. 🙂

  • thank you justlikejack9 :) I've been trying to make a few alternatives actually which is going well so at least I have those to fall back on - at least until my dissertation is done. hope you've had a good weekend.

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